torsdagen den 17:e april 2014

Flower Abstraction 80

This is a duo flower composition from my series of flower abstractions.

Have no much time to paint right now, today is the first day of this years Easter Art event here in Sweden, my first, and I am very exited to get this day started. Some artist open their studios, where the display there art, others like me rent a place to show their art. You can see how it is organized here. I am part of a guild of artists that live in the southwest of Skane (the area where I live).

onsdagen den 16:e april 2014

Landscape Exploration 3

Very busy right now, but thought I take a few minutes posting this one. The same approach as the red/blue limited palette paintings, but at the same time very different.

tisdagen den 15:e april 2014

Shapes & Movement 20

This is another of my more non-figurative abstract paintings. I could say what associations I get now, but that would spoil it for the viewers.
Today I get access and can start hanging my paintings, that will be fun and frustrating I guess.

söndagen den 13:e april 2014

Flower Abstraction 86

This one has already been posted on Daily Paintworks and I think it is time to post it here too.
A lot of things going on right now, some of it has been shared here.
This is one of several small flower abstraction paintings I have done lately.

Display small paintings

I will not know for sure until I hang my paintings, but I assume I will hang a few of the small ones. I  have also constructed  this simple wood holder to show small paintings on a table. To avoid damage to the frames, I have put those rubber sheets you use under carpets on the bottom.

lördagen den 12:e april 2014

Framed and ready....

I got most of my paintings that has been framed for my exhibition today. The frame I chose give the small paintings depth and body. The paintings in the photo are 6" x 6" and some of them haven't been posted yet.

The frame is for panels and photographs.  The profile is deep, doesn't cover any part of the painting (like a floater), but you don't need to build it up. The depth on the inside where the painting lies is only 1 cm (0,4").

fredagen den 11:e april 2014

Flower Abstraction 91

This is one of a series of small flower paintings I have done lately. I want a all my painting to have impact. When I paint small I try to keep the design and composition simple and graphic, not trying to squeeze too much into it.

onsdagen den 9:e april 2014

Shapes & Movement 14

This the largest abstraction painting I have done so far and I used a panel with  rejected tree painting on it. I painted the whole panel with a red/pink transparent color, letting the old painting shining through, something I have done from time to time. That way I can use the patterns that is created in the new painting.

måndagen den 7:e april 2014

Tree Abstraction 50

This is the 2nd of three paintings with trees in this limited palette. I will do more paintings like this, but not with these colors.

söndagen den 6:e april 2014

Flower abstraction 81

It is always nice to surprise oneself. I prefer to paint 12" x 12" or larger, but I had some 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" panels laying around and I thought I better use them to something. I have played around with flower abstractions lately and took the opportunity to use the concept on these panels. I like these a lot. They are clean, graphic and fun.

lördagen den 5:e april 2014

Shapes & Movement 7

After a few abstract paintings based on lines and movement, I did this one, a painting with more focus on shapes. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

torsdagen den 3:e april 2014

Flower Abstraction 74

 400 $ (Shipping and handling included in the price) Click here to purchase

I've got more abstract paintings to show, but I thought I'd mix things up. This painting started what I am doing now. Sure, there have been flower shapes or suggestions of flowers in the more "non-figurative abstract" paintings I've posted so far. This however, is definitively a flower made in an abstract way.

onsdagen den 2:e april 2014

Forest Exploraration 15

This is one of my latest tree exploration paintings. I tried to make a vivid patchwork of colors, but at the same restrained.

måndagen den 31:e mars 2014

Shapes & Movement 10

I have started to paint some flower abstractions, but most of my paintings done lately has been part of my abstract series. I do have a few paintings that I can mix in for variation in theme, but I appologize if someone thinks there is too much abstract going on.

This is one of my favorite abstract paintings. I also like the colors and have done a couple of paintings with those colors.

söndagen den 30:e mars 2014

Shapes & Movement 17

It has been a while since I painted anything small. I will give it some more attention and hopefully post them more regular. This is small painting in my latest series. Going small forces me to simplify and focus the composition.