onsdag 29 juni 2016

Bird's Nest 56

On my last exhibition I had a small bird's nest painting that got sold early and I got several questions about it. It is a challenge, but I think it is time to put some more effort into small bird's nests. This one is the first one, not as small as the sold one, but small enough.

söndag 26 juni 2016

Flower Abstraction 168


I usually do these more complex multi flower abstractions on larger canvases, but I wanted to push my limits and do it on a smaller scale (12" x 12"). I am pleased with the result.

onsdag 22 juni 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 16

I hope I will get lots of interesting reference photos from our garden this year. There is a lot of berries growing. I call this series autumn berries because most berries get ripe late summer, early autumn and is more of a guideline.
This is a new painting in the series and the inspiration came from a painting that I sold during my Easter Exhibition. This one is a lot smaller though.

måndag 20 juni 2016

Flower Abstraction 164

This is a rough, clean flower, based on my graphic flower design. It felt good to get something new done, and to be able to ad something that felt new to the painting. It is important that I am able to ad "something new to the conversation" from time to time.

lördag 18 juni 2016

Flower Abstraction 166

 To get started, I chose to paint subjects that are familiar and fun to paint. Naturally I did a few of my flower concept, a simplified flower form that is all about design and color. I just went for it and had some fun with it.

tisdag 14 juni 2016

Apple Abstraction 24

To get started, I went back to this painting, a painting that I started a while back, but never finished. Sometimes I get to a point with a painting where I have mixed feelings, not knowing what to do with it. This time I just went for it and had some fun with it.

söndag 12 juni 2016

Flower Abstraction 125


This is a painting that I did earlier this year. It was never posted, I saved it as my contribution to the "Easter Art Lottery" that was held during Easter. There were several that wanted to buy it, but it was reserved to the one that bought the ticket with my number. There were a winner.

fredag 10 juni 2016

Minor changes and painting again...

I am still doing some changes in our garden, no big projects, but enough to make a difference. I have also slowly starting to paint again. Finished two paintings that I started in the spring, but never finished.





torsdag 2 juni 2016

Our garden is doing great, the plants are growing......

 It is a while since my last post, and I am still not painting. We are more or less done for now with additions and changes in our garden. The weather is great, perhaps a little too hot, wouldn't mind some rain now and then. My goal is to get painting soon. Here is a few photos of our garden as it was this morning.

Our crops section is doing great. There will be a lot of blueberries and by the judge of the blackberry flowers, there will be lots of them too. The grape plants are doing great and seem to like the spot we chose for them.

onsdag 18 maj 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 11

I am still in the garden phase, but I am slowly getting the urge to paint and have started to consider what to start with.... that is a good sign.

This is a painting that I did earlier, before my Easter exhibition. I didn't post it or included it in the exhibition because I painted several variations of this theme/composition.
I like them all, including this one and they were a popular subject in my exhibition.

onsdag 11 maj 2016

Our garden as it is now.....

We are not done with the garden yet, working on a section that are done soon. We are planning more things for later (more path etc. will be added later this year or next), but we are more or less done for now.
The garden need time to grow up and together. It is a lovely time right now, things happens so fast.
Here is a few pictures that show how the garden look now.

söndag 8 maj 2016

Update! Landscaping our garden.

Haven't done any painting for a while, but have been busy with our garden. Taking something that were more or less a lawn surrounded by a hedge.... to an japan influenced garden with a section dedicated to eatable plants and berries and a section for flowers and bushes. A lot of time and effort has been put into it. We are not finished yet, but we are satisfied with the result so far. The garden need a year or two to reach it's potential, bushes and trees need to grow some etc.

Hopefully I will get back painting soon again, been two month since I hold a brush.
This is how it looked when we moved in.

We removed 70 % of the hedge last summer, but the part in the last picture was removed in March this year. After that, we continued/finished building the fence that we started last summer.

It became a blank canvas, full of possibilities. I will show what we have done so far in future posts.

lördag 2 april 2016

Bird's Nest Abstraction 51


This is one of many paintings sold through my exhibition. It wasn't part of the exhibition, but was bought by a visitor. 

I am in the process of updating all painting prices. The US Dollar currency rate has changed a lot the last year and I want the prices to reflect that. I am still not sure if I should include shipping cost or not, not all customers live abroad.

torsdag 24 mars 2016

My "2016 Easter Exhibition"

Tomorrow at 10 AM starts this years "Konstrundan". Her is a few pictures taken with my mobil, a little preview of things that are part of my exhibition. 

The exhibition is open Friday-Monday (4 days) from 10 AM - 6 PM (10:00-18:00)

Welcome! ;)

måndag 14 mars 2016

Getting ready for Easter and "Konstrundan".

Final decisions regarding which paintings that will make the exhibition will be made later, but all candidates are framed and ready. The paintings on the table are the majority of the small paintings that will be part of my exhibition. They will be displayed on 2 tables. A few are missing on the photos, they were framed after the pictures were taken.

Here is a link for Konstrundan 2016. Information and map can be found there.