söndag 23 oktober 2016

Rough Cherries 2

It was a while since I painted any cherries. I had just finished the last "autumn berries" paintings, when got the idea that it would be interesting to see how I would approach cherries today. This is one of the paintings that came out of that idea. I might do some more, going more abstract. This one is loose and rough.

fredag 21 oktober 2016

Shapes & Movement 48

I thought it was time to continue my abstract exploration. I think it helps me to loose up and experiment. It also make me think different in a different way. This is the first  abstract painting that I have done since January.

tisdag 18 oktober 2016

Apple Abstraction 25


I find it interesting to paint a simple apple as long as I can put enough personality into it. I think I put enough spin to this one for it to be recognizable me.

söndag 16 oktober 2016

fredag 14 oktober 2016

Flower Abstraction 204

Living up north (Sweden) mean that the days get shorter right now. That mean that there is less time to paint in natural daylight. Artificial light has it's limits. 

I have been thinking about exploring abstract art again, and I am finally continuing my "shapes and movement" series again. Will post those soon.

This is one of my flower abstraction that I did this summer.

måndag 10 oktober 2016

Flower Abstraction 214


This is a flower abstraction I did a while ago. It was one of those paintings that painted itself.

fredag 7 oktober 2016

Bird's Nest Abstraction 62

Autumn have taken over my life right now, putting the garden in order for the winter and making Jam and marmalade from the berries we got this season. 
I got the idea that I am going up a few sizes and to a few bird's nest abstractions, inspired by this one. Love the colors and the graphic feel.

tisdag 4 oktober 2016

Flower Abstraction 207

This is a flower abstraction where I really went outside my comfort zone. Playing with the colors. I started with a colorful pink background and worked with soft muted colors to create and shape the flower.

söndag 2 oktober 2016

Playful Tomato Abstraction 2

I have done this composition before, but wanted to mix things up and I thought this was a way to do it, see how I approach a subject today. I my work approach is different today and it shows in the painting compared to the old one.

fredag 30 september 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 22

This is a small autumn abstraction, and in a way more abstract than usual. Up close it might look busy for some, but take a few steps back and let the eyes blend the brush strokes a little and the image emerge and get clear and graphic. I really like this one.

onsdag 28 september 2016

Pine Cone Abstraction 12

These pine cones are tricky to do. Very complex and defined, not much room to work with. I don't want them to get to realistic, which gives me a little creative freedom though.

söndag 25 september 2016

Flower Abstraction 206

Playing around with shapes and colors of an flower is fun, trying new things and going outside my comfort zone. This one has the shapes of a flower, but I twisted the colors a little, making it less a flower that can exist. I like the color combination in this one.

fredag 23 september 2016

Apple Abstraction 26

When I do my best work, in my opinion, I am relaxed, having fun and am not overthinking what I am doing. This one wasn't planned and I painted it without any expectations. That is a great feeling.

torsdag 22 september 2016

Flower abstraction 170


I did this one a while back when I explored my  "simplified and graphic flower design" concept. Having an expressive painting style, every painting is a process, a journey. Painting small can take that to an extreme where every brush stroke matter. I really like this one. The painting is both expressive and graphic.

tisdag 20 september 2016

Flower Abstraction 210

This is the 3rd and last flower abstraction painting I did with this color pallette. I really like the cool colors against those hits of yellow..