onsdag 20 september 2017

Shapes & Movement 116

This is one of my favorite paintings at the moment. Love the colors and the rhythm of the lines and shapes.

lördag 16 september 2017

Flower Exploration 12

After several painting of flowers in a vase, I thought I take it a little more abstract, skipping the vase and go with shapes and colors. Working like I do, going where my instinct lead me, it got less abstract than I had in mind, but that isn't a bad thing. I like this one a lot.

söndag 10 september 2017

Landscape Exploration 23

Going down in size from time to time is fun, just have to keep it clean and not to overwork with details.

fredag 1 september 2017

Flower Exploration 2

This is the 2nd painting I did in this series. I like the contrasts and the arrangement in this one. I'm not sure how many I will make, but I will push them to a more abstract direction too.

tisdag 29 augusti 2017

Flower Exploration 3

This is the 3rd painting in this new series of paintings. I have done 11 so far. It is fun to explore something new and to have an idea what I want with it.

tisdag 22 augusti 2017

Landscape Exploration 24

I wanted to push this one a little further than the previous ones, bolder colors, a little rougher etc.

fredag 11 augusti 2017

Flower Exploration 1

I have thought of exploring flowers in a vase for a long time, finally I got the courage to go with it. This is the first one, had a little problem with the vase in itself, but I got it to work in the end.

I realized during the process that I am not interested in the vase in itself and want to find a concept of a vase that I like, and stick with it.

söndag 6 augusti 2017

söndag 30 juli 2017

Shapes & Movement 111

 I am not slacking, I promise, I paint a lot, gardening a lot, but am behind when it comes to posting what I do. This is one of my new abstract painting.

tisdag 18 juli 2017

Landscape Exploration 22

This is one of my new paintings. It was time to explore trees and landscapes again. Including two "work in progress" pictures.

måndag 10 juli 2017

torsdag 6 juli 2017

Garden update July 2017

We have done a few new projects in the garden, will post pictures of those later. Otherwise it is doing well, have gotten lots of strawberries, rhubarb and what we can see, there will be a lot of blackberries too.
Next things to harvest seem to be red and black currant.

lördag 1 juli 2017

Apple Abstraction 30

After a long break like this, around 4 months, it is hard to get back where I were. I think it is because I am a different painter today, going with instinct, intuition and expression. I have to find the moment where I find myself back om my journey.

Well, baby steps.... 

This is a small expressive apple abstraction that I like a lot. It is clean, expressive and have my personal touch to it.

tisdag 27 juni 2017

Flower Abstraction 231

There is a lot of trial and error going on right now. It takes time to find the balance between patience and spontaneity, detail and simplicity and finding out what works right now. Depending on mood and where I am at the moment does matter. It can influence what size and subject that works best at that time.

This is a small flower abstraction I did to get going and get a feel about what works and what I feel like.

onsdag 21 juni 2017

Landscape Exploration 21

This is a painting to get things going. I used a slightly used canvas-board, not a clean slate, but it allowed me to work without expectations. It is rough, but I made it work.

tisdag 13 juni 2017

Flower Abstraction 232

I have started to paint again .....

To get into it I used some familiar and fun subjects to paint, with focus on having fun and experimenting. This small flower painting isn't a drastic change, but the process was slightly different.

lördag 10 juni 2017

Shapes & Movement 93

It has been a while since I did some serious painting, but I think that can be a good thing. I feel that I am looking forward to get starting again, to explore new paths, getting ideas about what I want to explore.

I did this one earlier, but never got around to post it.

fredag 26 maj 2017

Shapes & Movement 105

Did this one earlier the spring. It is a wonderful season for working and enjoying our garden, but am working on getting back to painting again.

lördag 20 maj 2017

Bird's Nest Abstraction 81

This is a painting that I did earlier this year. It was a painting that started out well, went worse and ended up a little rough, but looking great.

söndag 14 maj 2017

Shapes & Movement 97

A while back, I was asked of a friend of mine to do some black/white paintings. When I started to paint and draw, a long time ago, I only worked in black and white. Perhaps that is the reason that I love colors so much now.

Anyway, I thought it would be a challenge and did some small paintings, mostly black and white, sometimes with a small hint of color.
This one has a hint of yellow in it, to give it a warm feeling. I enhanced that feeling with a yellow frame. Available with frame, give me a message if you want it without.

onsdag 10 maj 2017

Flower Abstraction 229

 Frame included (optional)

I should be painting right now, but late spring and garden work has taken up my time. I am looking forward to start painting again and I have some ideas what subject I will focus on.

This is a painting that I painted a while back and fit very well with the coming season. One might find something in the gardens right now, that remind of this painting.

tisdag 2 maj 2017

Healthy Snacks 12

I realized when I posted an old favorite of mine on Instagram, that it seem that I never posted it on my blog, or elsewhere. Probably because I did a few versions, especially close-ups of the same set up.

I really like this one too, because it is larger and a little "over the top".

lördag 29 april 2017

Garden progress - Spring 2017

We have done a lot of work with the front part of our garden. Have removed 50-75% of the old bushes, changed the layout and planted new "stuff". The spring has just arrived here in the south of Sweden, many bushes and trees has starting to get leaves and/or flowers, but need some more time before they show their glory. There is also a lot of flowers coming up from the ground, but it will take some time before they bloom.

The rest of our garden has some new additions, finished path, added a few new plants. Over all the back was done a year ago and the bushes, trees etc. should be larger, fuller this year, just need some leaves and flowers. I am looking forward to see the garden 5 years from now.