söndag 17 maj 2015

Flower abstraction 127

I should experiment more with different materials and so on. I tend to experiment with the things I got already. During my exhibitions I have heard people mention that they see some traces of graffiti, something I haven't considered myself before. I do work very graphic and enhance objects with outlines and colors, I can relate to graffiti in that sense.

A friend of mine, that works in a art supply shop, recommended acrylic spray paint, that she thought it would suit me.
I took a chance and bought a few (white, light blue, yellow and light pink), and took a large bird nest painting that I didn't like, and had some fun with it.
I think it has some potential, it really brought out the graffiti in me. After I finished that painting, I decided to buy some additional dark colors too, so my journey will continue.

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