fredag 2 mars 2012

Purple Iris 11


This one isn't new, but I thought I try the DPW auction again. The worst thing I know is to put a value on my paintings. There is several variables and reasons to raise or lower a price. It's hard to find that balance to make a painting affordable, but not to give it away.

One thing that I got against me is that since I live in Sweden I have to charge more for shipping and handling than an American painter, and most of my buyers live in the US. Just sending it cost 20$ or more depending on how much the package weighs.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love the crop of this one, interesting arrangement of shapes & color. Your flowers always have such wonderful movement - they look so fresh and alive.

  2. Good luck with the auction. It is a gorgeous painting!

  3. Your Iris series is so beautiful, good luck with the auction. Too bad about the high shipping price, but the painting is gorgeous.

  4. Thank you all. This was a re-post since I put it up for auction.
    Been thinking a lot about the balance of putting price on my artwork. Not an easy task.