söndag 4 augusti 2013

Berry abstraction 1

This is the painting that inspired my latest posts of blueberries (,cherries and raspberries). It is large and very in your face considering that some of the berries as large as a head, at least a child's head.
It is too hot for me to paint right now and don't have much spare time to sit down, but it's only summer once a year, right?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Berries as big as heads? Awesome! I bet this one has a ton of impact on the wall. The colors demand attention - it's fabulous.

  2. This is a stunner with the beautiful colors and design. Not busy at all which is quite a feat with 22 pieces in it. It is because of the clever flow of color and form.
    So roger...how hot is hot?

  3. Wow, Roger!! This one is amazing! I love everything about your painting, the colors, the composition,the black lines and the light and shadows. Very good work! You're right, it's too hot to paint. Enjoy the warm and sunny weather!

  4. Good morning dear friend Roger !!!
    Very beautiful composition with very nice colors and amazing light !!!
    Have a nice and happy new week !!!