tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Flower Abstraction 46 & 47

Flower Abstraction 46  (12" x 12")

 Flower Abstraction 47  (16" x 16")
350 $ (Shipping and handling included in the price) Contact me if interested

It has been a while, but I hope I am back again. I have started painting again and I have gotten the energy back to continue. There are several reasons why I disappeared, some good ones and some bad ones. I did a few paintings that is connected with a project that I am involved in. Can't say much right now, but it is commercial. One part is finished, the 2nd part (involving the paintings I have done) isn't done yet.

To get into painting again, I did a 20" x 20" painting of berries, will probably show that one later, but as my comeback post I decided share two paintings that I did directly after that one, both with the same composition. I did the smaller one first and the went bigger and more detailed.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Welcome back. You have two beauties here. A nice way to say hello again.

  2. Hello there, nice to see you back again :-)) Both great works painted in your always recognizable style !

  3. fabulous shapes and colors, Roger - how FABULOUS to have your work back to enjoy.

  4. Hi Roger, great that you're back again, we all missed you! I love both paintings, qua colors, shapes and the graceful lines. Very beautiful! Congratulations with your project, looking forward to see more about it. Have a nice day! :)

  5. The COLORS are so STRIKING! NICE Roger.

  6. Very beautiful flowers with amazing colours !!!