lördag 4 juli 2015

Flower Abstraction 149

I was very inspired by an earlier large flower abstraction painting, "Flower Abstraction 32"
I love the painting in it's whole, one of my personal favorites, The thing that inspired this one is how the dark flowers on the bottom, just peak through the dark background and how the yellow parts of the flowers glow in the dark. I took that and decided to do a large version, a dark moody painting, with a limited color palette and  that was all about repetition. I did light up a part too make it pop.
This one is all about the size and impact.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The monochromatic color scheme you chose creates s sense of tranquility. It's a nice change worth pursuing.

  2. My favorite blue colour and so beautiful flower abstraction !!!
    I hope you are having nice summer days !!!.