onsdag 5 juni 2013

Bird's Nest Abstraction 16 & 19


I loved this color combination so much that I did 3 paintings with it and variations of this composition. This is two of them. I know I want to keep one, probably the first one I did, the smaller one of the two.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Bonsoir Roger,
    Je comprends que vous ayez envie de conserver une de vos oeuvres.
    La douceur traduite avec une belle énergie.
    Vos nids d'oiseaux sont un très joli symbole de la vie.
    Gros bisous

  2. A shift towards realism with your addition of the eggs. Nicely done Roger. You walk a thin line between abstraction and realism.

  3. bravo! These are my favorite pieces from your nest series... so far. Colors and design are FABULOUS!.

  4. Love the cool color choice in both of these, difficult to chose a favorite here .

  5. These are great, Roger!!! Love the color combination!
    You painted the nest and eggs wonderfully!