lördag 1 juni 2013

Bird's Nest Abstraction 6

I just did a face exploration painting that I like, but the fun is the question "When is a painting finished?". I took 2 process photos and both could be, with some small changes, a finished painting. I did go further with it and I like the end result too. If I did the right thing or not, a matter of taste, but  at least I got the progress photos (posted on my Facebook page).

The painting I posting today started out totally different. I wanted to take a more aggressive approach, went with a deep red wash  and the color combined with the single abstract nest gave me all the wrong associations, so I did a 180 degree turn and just went for it. I love the almost invisible nests. They are there but very subtle.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Roger ,
    Nice and very interesting abstract art work !!!
    Happy Sunday !!!

  2. Gorgeous abstract Roger, love this version !

  3. I REALLY like this one. There is so much power in the top nest. The implication of volume is stronger than any of the other nests in your series and I was trying to figure out why. Is it a taller nest perhaps? Anyway this one is marvelous.

  4. I really like this one too! The composition is asymmetrical adding a lot of interest. The depth is good too as is your handling of the "negative" spaces. This may be the best of the series. The water lilies below is excellent as well. Beautiful work Roger.

  5. I LOVE those splashes of red peeking through. Your nest paintings are such a tribute to your strong design skills. You turn something that is so complicated into a cohesive thing of beauty. I can't wait to see the portrait too!

  6. Love this one too, Roger! It's a very dynamic painting.
    I went to see the portrait on your Facebook page, and I think it's
    very good!!! I love the style, it's rough and sketchy. The colors you used are also great!