fredag 1 november 2013

abstracture 17

I did this a while ago and is the most experimental bird's nest painting I have done. I really pushed things with this one. If it is a hit or miss is not that important, time will tell, what is important is that I am not afraid to fail.

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  1. It's a lovely abstract bird's nests ....definitely a hit. Of course it is important to push ones boundaries...otherwise, how do we evolve ? Have a nice weekend.

  2. So Cool...Your style shines through your art!

  3. Super, Roger! I think it's a hit, and I love it! As usual you found great color combinations! Have a nice weekend!

  4. Love this one. I know they are nests but just as easily could be roses, or donuts. Those stripey black and red bits are wonderful - my favorite part.

  5. Svar
    1. That you are not affraid too fail I mean! That´s a huge step.

  6. Amazing work Roger, I'm really admiring your wonderful art work and great creativity !!!
    Have a nice new week !!!

  7. You didn't fail. Don't be so modest. It looks like this painting might be the impetus for the ones you're painting now; the colors are wonderful, the movement, energetic. There's nothing static here

  8. Bonjour cher ami,

    Il est bon de revoir ses peintures plus anciennes... Je ne crois pas qu'elles soient mauvaises ou moins bonnes. Il y a dans cette dernière une belle force qui manifeste une grandeur, une vitalité.
    Une très jolie peinture.
    Gros bisous

  9. Neat colors Roger. I think the black rows of lines are new for you? or not? They intrigue me.