måndag 6 augusti 2012

Waterlily abstraction 4

I sold one of my favorite waterlily paintings, so I thought I better paint another one in a similar way. Off-course it didn't end up like that. During the process the painting got it's own life and I went with it.

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    1. Gorgeous Roger! I like these as much as your trees--and the roses. I was in the waterlily section of our lake just yesterday. Your rendition is wonderful. --I like these subjects more than the fruit.

      We have a lot in common artistically: squarish canvases with size; subjects close up and personal; an equal balance between positive and negative space so that all spaces are equal.

  2. Gorgeous! I like the turquoise blue colours. And the water looks deep in the foreground. Really solid and striking.
    Happy Painting.

  3. This is amazing - powerful and enticing. I feel movement. Love the green and blue colors with a punch of red.

  4. Glad you went with it. You go from light, playful reflections to dark depth in the water, run the gamut of greens from top to bottom, and I love the tease of the partly opened flowers. This is a masterpiece! ♥

  5. I love this Roger. Congrats on the sale! I think what I love most about this is the way you've painted the water, it has such depth to it, but in an abstract stylized way that is all you. :)