onsdag 2 januari 2013

A year between them - progress

One of my favorite artists, Julie Ford Oliver, had a review of her work to show how much her art had changed in a year. She showed an older painting along side a new version of it, which made it easier to see how her approach and technique have changed.

I have made new versions of several old paintings. These paintings was inspired by the same photo. The left one was painted in July 2012 and the right one in July 2011. Just thought I share what happened in a year.

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely surprise and what a generous, sharing spirit you have. Thanks for the nice things you said.
    No doubt about it - lots more life and power in the latest one. Stunning to see them side by side.
    Way to go Roger!

  2. Hi Roger, I found your blog through Julies. It's interesting to see your progression in a year. I should do the same thing, it's hard to see the difference from day to day, painting seems to slowly evolve. Happy New Year of painting!

  3. I would say two versions of the same subject...really like them both ! I wouldn't throw the first one away just because it was made a year ago :-))