tisdag 22 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 9 - from start to finish

This is the first of two paintings based on the same reference photo. I posted the 2nd one earlier. I did take some progress photos of this one and are shown below. I thought the painting was finished at one point, but realized later that I wanted to take it a little bit further with the contrasts. The first three photos were taken with my iPhone in the evening, the colors are not accurate (too much yellow).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh this is fabulous seeing the progression. I do not mind the yellow at all - it all looks great to me.

  2. If you try to get rid of the yellow, then the other colors are thrown off, so sometimes it's best to stick with the first shot.

    The forth painting has higher contrast than the others and good color--then you lightened it? I'm not sure which is the finished painting from your description.

    1. Fifth painting (last one) is the finished one. I thought it needed more contrast/range in values, so I lighted up the background towards the lower part and changed the color slightly.

  3. Oh goody another progress post! These under layers have nothing to hide. I love the skill and confidence in your brush work Roger - you make proud paintings.