fredag 1 juni 2012

Tree abstraction 13


I am not sure what kind of landscape suits my style or what kind of landscapes I would like to do.  My style is very graphic and with bold black lines and I am not sure if I can do trees from a distance in a interesting way, or if I want too. This painting is part of finding some answers.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love this one! I love that you added the ground, and the shadows. And I like the occasional pink leaf. It's great! It's like the trees in the foreground and having a conversation with the trees in the background... like neighbours across the way!

  2. Very light and airy and great depth...really like the rose colored dots here and there. Wish you a nice weekend.

  3. Don't change dear Roger your style in landancapes and still life because is really very wonderful and unique !!!
    Have a nice and relaxing weekend !!!

  4. Il y a dans cette dernière peinture un lointain que j'aime et qui apporte une dimension différente.
    Je peux me tromper dans mon ressentiment mais ce que j'apprécie particulièrement c'est le fait que j'ai cette étrange impression que lorsque vous peignez vous vous mettez à la hauteur d'une petite fourmi et alors le monde est grand... Et il est grand avec votre art.
    Gros bisous

  5. Congrats! I do love this one!