tisdag 31 juli 2012

Rose abstraction 1

I like to paint flowers.
I like to crop motives, going up close to the motive.
I like "in your face" compositions and paintings.
I like to simplify and go partially abstract.

With all these things in mind, this weeks DPW Challenge, the Rose challenge, should be fun to do.
This is my first go at it, more will follow, I am sure of it. It was fun.

3 kommentarer:

  1. This looks like fun. I don't know why I have a closed mind when it comes to challenges. Maybe I should rethink it? It brought one of your best out.

  2. It is gorgeous Roger. All those things you say you like are evident in the finished painting. Yes paint more! A yellow one this time. ;) Just a request. :D

  3. I like it Roger! I agree with Crystal in that everything you stated is evident in this painting. Love the crop! :)