söndag 30 september 2012

Birch abstraction 3

This is my contribution to The Birch Tree Challenge, this week's challenge on Daily Paintworks. I was inspired by the provided photo, but did take my personal approach to it.

New photo. The one before was taken late in the afternoon in bad light.

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  1. This is really great. You have really pushed the colors and the forms. Julie is right, you've outdone yourself Roger. What a break though.

  2. Des éléments superbes de couleurs... une forêt généreuse... Cette semaine je vais à la cueillette des champignons. Je vais emporter mon appareil photo et prendre quelques clichés pour vous ! Dans votre sous-bois je suis certaine que je pourrais peut-être trouver des champignons hallucinogènes remplis de couleurs!
    Une toile magnifique.
    gros bisous

  3. Love love love love love it!! I've never seen you use so many spots of colour. Just gorgeous!

  4. I added this to my Pinterest "Inspiring Artists" page with a link to your blog. Hope that's cool. Let me know if it isn't and I'll take it down.

  5. Oh yes, there is definitely your personal touch, but I see you are using so many different colors, really like it !

  6. And you said on Nora McPhail's post that you can't draw! These trees are fantastic, and looking back through your posts I really love your bold individual style.

    1. Thanks Jez, but I should draw more, I never do. I just paint the subject directly on the panel. I have never tried out an idea or composition before. That can be a good or bad thing. And sometimes you need to draw a subject a few times before you get things right.

  7. Thanks all. Painting trees are something I do a lot, but with this it had a purpose and I really pushed myself outside my comfort zone.