måndag 3 september 2012

Tree abstraction 32

I regret accepting to work full time for the next 3 months, but I have to adjust and make time to paint. I have also thought about trying to go smaller too, not only go big. Not everyone wants big. This is a smaller tree painting than I usually do, not as abstract, but I still like it. It also proved to myself that even if I don't prefer it, I can paint small.

6 kommentarer:

  1. This painting looks like you were viewing the scene through a fish-eye camera
    Lens. Interesting. Sorry about your 3month commitment . But you'll find time. A lot of painting can be done in 30 minutes.

  2. Your tree paintings are like Lisa Daria's flowers, you manage to keep them fresh and different with every new painting. I've got to pick a subject and truly explore it like you are. Very admirable!

  3. Beautiful artworks! you've got a unique style!

    1. Thank you. I try to my thing. Interpret the subject in a personal way.

  4. Looks like we're headed into fall with those green and orange leaves. Working small is great and good luck with your job.

  5. Thank you all. Painting tree abstractions small is a challenge for me, but interesting to explore.