onsdag 29 februari 2012

Spring cleaning.

From time to time I go through old paintings and drawings, and throw away those I don't want to keep or sell. When a painting is done, it is sometimes hard to be objective, and time will tell if I still like it. Some paintings age with dignity and even if I think I'm more skilled today, they still have charm. I am sure I am not the only one doing this. The amount that went to the trash was 7 this time.

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  1. I do the same Roger, but mine are watercolors, and when they are bad, you can't really do anything to recuperate them, but with acrylic can't you just paint it over and do a new one...like with oil ??

    1. Sometimes I think it OK to paint over a painting, especially large ones. At other times I feel that I can't connect or commit to a painting when painting over, after all, it's not that it matters if it doesn't come anything out of it.

  2. I do this too. But I have a stack I'll paint over so as not to waste a canvas. Bad paintings have a way of piling up unfortunately. I can relate!

  3. Aaargh! I shudder to think! Hey Roger, the next time you want to throw a painting in the garbage, send it my way instead! (I'll send you postage :)
    I know how it is though. For me if something's bound for the trash, it's definitely something I want to completely erase from existence. Sometimes a good purge is just what you need to move forward.


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