lördag 31 december 2011

World of peppers number 6

This year is coming to it's end and a new is about to start. Like a wheel without start or end, we continue our lives. Perhaps like a pepper wheel?

fredag 30 december 2011

5 Rough Honey Crunch apples

Wasted, in the trash.

Not sure how many will be looking at art the last day of the year, but thought I end it like I will start the new one. I consider myself being on a journey, a journey that is more interesting than the end result. I don't always go outside my comfort zone, but I do try to do it, and even if I don't I try to push the limit, try new things.
 This painting I did with a lot of energy, and I didn't stop to think about what I was doing. It is rough, spontaneous and I learned something doing it.

PS! Damn.... missed my number 200 posts anniversary.

onsdag 28 december 2011

World of peppers number 1


This was my first pepper painting, and my personal favorite (I think). It was the first composition that caught my eyes when going through a lot of photographs that I took while trying things out.

tisdag 27 december 2011

Rough Cherries 1


I got more peppers paintings, but I thought I mix things up with one of my latest paintings. I have done a series of cherries paintings (12" x 12"). I have tried out different compositions, color combinations and I tried to keep them rough, some more, some less, but still rough.
I liked the feeling of freedom that came with the bigger size canvas.

måndag 26 december 2011

Strawberry fun

I usually take a look at challenges that comes along. This one was a challenge on Rookie painter's blog . The challenge was to do your take on a photo, which included two strawberries and a stack of bowls. I chose to crop the shit out of the photo. I might do another one later with a hint of the bowls, but no promises.
This was my first strawberries I have ever painted, so I had a lot of fun with them.

söndag 25 december 2011

World of peppers number 4

This is the 4th one I did. It has a simple composition, and I tried to try something new with the colors. There is a slight reflection in the black line again. I love to use Golden Fluid Acrylics, but the downside is that the black one at least is so shiny when it's dry. Have varnished it, but photographing right now is hard, with the light going down early up here in the north, and sometimes I think small imperfections show the real painting, rarely does a photograph do the painting justice.

lördag 24 december 2011

world of peppers number 5

Perhaps I am crazy, posting during this holiday, but a little crazy is good I think, right? Haven't posted these in order, not sure if there is a reason or not, I might, but am not totally convinced. In real life I am back painting cherries, larger ones (well semi large, 12" x 12").

fredag 23 december 2011

World of peppers number 2

Not sure how many that will spend the time looking on art during this holiday, but I post this one anyway.

I wish all my friends, family,  fellow artists, art lovers and viewers a....

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

torsdag 22 december 2011

world of peppers number 3

Well, so far I have done 6 paintings with all kind of peppers, and there will be more. This is for me an exploration in color, shapes and compositions. There will be simple ones, chaotic ones, complex ones and so on. Most of them is on the rough side, but I think they still got a crisp and graphic look. You may like some, hate others.
PS! There is a slight reflection in the black line on the upper half of the painting. The fluid acrylic paint is a little shiny when it is dry. Have varnished the paintings, and will photograph them again.

onsdag 21 december 2011

3 Cherries and a persimmon

This is the 2nd painting I did with the cherries I bought. Now I am going crazy with all kind of peppers, but that will come later.

tisdag 20 december 2011

3 Cherries on grey


It is so out of season, but when I saw these cherries at the supermarket, I knew what I had to do. They don't exist anymore, but I took some pictures of different compositions that will be handy from time to time.

måndag 19 december 2011

In the spirit of the Season.....

Haven't done this before, so this is a first.
I have decided to give a discount on four paintings. This offer is valid until the end of the year. The new price is 40 $ (+ 30 $ for shipping and handling = 70 $), so that means a 15 $ discount of more.
The one on upper right is sold, the other 3 is still available.

To buy a painting, follow the link:

Cherries 4

Looking up - Mini     SOLD

That time of year

Three green apples on a plate

lördag 17 december 2011

Birch Trees Inferno

This is loosely based and inspired by a small painting I did earlier (Birch Trees Mini). I think I took things one more step further toward abstraction. I wanted it to explode with colors, like getting overwhelmed by it all when walking in the woods.

fredag 16 december 2011

Avocado 5

A part of skill is confidence. I got a lot confidence painting certain things, other not so much. I know skill and confidence will come with practice, but time for practice can be an issue and having things to show on my blog also makes it hard to get time for everything.

I painted this one right after my last avocado painting. I like painting avocados, the shapes and colors are fun to play with.

torsdag 15 december 2011

Looking up 4

Before this painting ended up being "Looking up 4" it was a birch trees painting, and it was then I realized that I didn't like to sit and paint this kind of painting on a medium size canvas board-MDF, getting stuck with small details, it looked like something between a Walt Disney painting and a happy color painting for depressed people, I hated it. I went on doing larger birch tree paintings, and this one...... well,  you know the rest.

onsdag 14 december 2011


Going through pictures I've taken this fall, going in the park photographing trees and their surroundings, I found  it as usual more interesting to move closer to see details than see the big scene. This tree had a lot of character, and I had a lot of fun painting it.

tisdag 13 december 2011

3 avocado halves

Not For Sale

A few days ago I sat and had no idea what I wanted to paint. I have been painting a lot and I think I needed this little break. During the confusion I did manage to paint this avocado painting, which I like a lot. Some paintings I don't mind not selling.This one I  even consider not selling, well I will sleep over it. I like it's simplicity and roughness.

måndag 12 december 2011

Green apple on top

I took a lot of photos of apples a while back, stacking them in different ways, taking pictures from different angles etc. Thought this was a fun one, taking a photo of a pile from above.

söndag 11 december 2011

Persimmons on purple

I did this one right after the single persimmon on green background. Same concept but with new composition and colors. I usually try out an idea more than once, unless it sucks really bad, then one try is enough. Think this is interesting enough to explore later.

lördag 10 december 2011

Looking up 5


This is a commission painting and is meant to hang together with another painting of mine, "That time of year 5".

fredag 9 december 2011

Persimmon on green

I thought I try out an idea and play around, this is the result. Wanted texture, contrast, color and a graphic feel. A simple composition with a lot of energy.

torsdag 8 december 2011

Birch Trees 7

After I did my last big Birch Trees painting I bought the biggest canvas board-MDF I could find and did this one. I turned up the colors, changed the motive and composition, and had a blast with it.

onsdag 7 december 2011

Connected Cherries

I like painting cherries. Must be something about the shine, the color or/and the form that I like. I call these connected since they in some way touch each other.

tisdag 6 december 2011

Leaping soft toy frog

Have been out of town, so I couldn't post yesterday. Last one was big time consuming painting, today's post is all about fun, spontaneous and rough brush strokes. Wanted to keep it fresh. I got this soft frog toy, have used it in a The Balance Challenge earlier, but this time I used a different approach.

söndag 4 december 2011

Birch Trees 6

After I did my first Birch tree paintings, I have had in mind doing a more elaborated painting. After doing a mid-size painting on canvas board-MDF, I realized that I didn't like fiddling with small details and that I loose range in colors and textures. Since I didn't have any large canvas board-MDF at home, I took the largest paper I got and just let loose. This is the result. I toned down the colors and let just some pure color hit in places.

lördag 3 december 2011

3 Rough Honey Crunch apples


Wasn't sure if I should post this or not. It has nothing to do with if I like it or not, it is more that I think it was a process, testing things out. Sometimes I can keep a black line through the whole painting, sometimes not. Depend a lot of the feeling I want to have, and the depth in the motive. In this case the composition gives a big size difference, working with depth, so I experimented with it, and this is how it ended up. Rougher than usual perhaps.

fredag 2 december 2011

A lot of tomatoes 2

A few months ago, I had started my journey, trying to loose up my style of painting and I did a painting that I called "A lot of tomatoes" (I hope you still like it Renee). A few weeks ago, I got the idea to try and see if if the subject would be done different if I did it now. It is a little looser, the brush-strokes is a little rougher, not a big difference, but a small one. This is how the new one looks like.

torsdag 1 december 2011

Looking up 3

My better half wanted me to do a new bigger version of "That time of year 2". I said OK, but made clear that I didn't want to try recreate it, but rather do a bigger one inspired of it. This is the result. Bigger canvas, bigger brushes and a lot of fun doing it.

onsdag 30 november 2011

Looking up 2

Another painting based on the experience of walking around, looking up and see the trees with their fall leaves. Tried to keep it loose and not get stuck on details.

tisdag 29 november 2011

Last harvest of the season


This is the first painting I did of the tomatoes that was picked from the garden. The last ones, mostly green ones, slowly changing color to become ripe.

måndag 28 november 2011

colorful flower 3

This is my first bigger and more complex try, after I did two small experiments. The background is colorful, but this time I stayed with similar colors and not the rainbow approach. I will do more of these. Had a lot of fun.

söndag 27 november 2011

Birch Trees 5

This is a continuation of my first Birch-trees painting. I took the concept and pushed it further than I did then. This is more expressive with the brush-strokes and colors. The first one was simpler and had a limited color pallet, this one ... doesn't.

lördag 26 november 2011

One persimmon fruit and 3 Horse-chestnuts

Did this one a few days ago. I bought Persimmon fruits and tried some compositions (alone and with other objects). I really liked them in combination with Horse-chestnuts, but it isn't a secret that I love Horse-chestnuts. Here is the result anyway, a fun and playful painting inspired of one of the photos I took.

fredag 25 november 2011

Holly Berries


I did a painting earlier of some berries on a bush, trying to capture the fall. It was a challenge on Daily Paintworks and I called the painting "Autumn berries". Tracie who bought the painting, recently asked me to paint a complementary painting to it and she wanted the theme to be Holly leaves and berries. We agreed that it shouldn't be too X-mas. This is the result. Am also putting up a picture with both paintings together.

torsdag 24 november 2011

3 Horse-chestnuts in a row

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Sweden, but I wish those who do, a very happy one. I did this horse-chestnut painting a few days ago, and I am very satisfied in how it turned out.

onsdag 23 november 2011

colorful flower 2

A while back I played around with an idea that object lacked color, and the background and negative spaces were filled with over the top colors. The focus isn't on the object but rather on the meeting of the object and it's surrounding. This is a 2nd take on that idea. I have reduced the object compared to the first try, got a more abstract feeling.

tisdag 22 november 2011

That time of year 6

After a small detour from trees and landscapes, I am back painting a small tree painting. I am considering leaving small paintings for a week or so, and only do some larger paintings. That will probably mean that I will not post a new painting every day like now.

måndag 21 november 2011

Cherries 4

Wasted, in the trash.

Haven't done any cherries for a while, thought it was time for it. It might not be as loose as some of my other work, but I think it worked out in the end.

söndag 20 november 2011

Water Lilies 2011.18

Haven't done much Water Lilies lately. It has been my favorite subject for many years, always trying to find new ways to do them. I have been more interested in the leaves on the water, than the flowers /(reminds me of PAC-man). I have mostly done buds, and to be honest, had difficulty finding a good way to do a fully open flower. With so many petals, it is hard to be a line-based style and be able to make it work, at least I have. Slowly as my style has loosened up I have started to feel comfortable doing fully open flowers.  I am happy with the result of this one.

lördag 19 november 2011

3 persimons

I did paint this fruit for a challenge a few months ago, and I liked the result a lot then. Thought I get back and do some more. Trying some different ideas, having fun as usual. Kept it simple with loose brush strokes.

fredag 18 november 2011

3 ripe tomatoes

Wasted, in the trash.

Back to those last tomatoes of the season. Took some liberties when it came to their colors, there were some that were between green and red, but I decided to keep the contrast. I was playing around, having fun with it.

torsdag 17 november 2011

3 Horse-chestnuts

 Finally time for one of my favorite subjects for the moment. Tried to keep it rough and fresh. Not sure what it is that I like about them, but I think it is a combination of color, shape, forms and sizes.  This is almost kind of a family of Horse-chestnuts.

onsdag 16 november 2011

Tree-top 2

A peak up, looking at trees around me in the park, taking pictures. This is the result of one of those. Was a little bit too "realistic", at least when my art is concern, had to simplify it, and going more to the graphic and abstract approach before I was satisfied with it.
And a warning for those who have week stomachs. I have painted Horse-chestnuts again, so that is coming up soon.

tisdag 15 november 2011

A pile of apples

Doing still life always make me ask myself if it is the right thing for me to do. Not still life as subject, but how and what I paint. My favorite still life painter Carol Marine has a wonderful eye for color, composition and has a little whimsical touch. I get inspired, but I also get warning bells, I must keep my identity. I fooled around with apples, photographing different compositions and ideas. I tend to like close-ups, to work with shapes that overlaps, lines that meet and negative spaces. This isn't one of those, so I was in kind of out of my comfort zone. I think it still is me, but I had to work to find the balance in the background between creating energy and just being messy.

måndag 14 november 2011

Birch Trees 4

Didn't know if I should name this one "Looking up" or "Birch-trees 4", well I chose the last name. The painting is the same approach that I did on my "That time of year 2 "-painting, but not as abstract and with birch-trees. My first attempt on this failed. It lacked the graphic feeling I wanted and it felt messy, so that one will be painted over later.

söndag 13 november 2011

Last harvest of the season 2

Not For Sale

Since it is getting cold now, especially at night, we have harvest all the tomatoes left on the plants, and put them to ripe on a big plate. Most of them were green or green-yellow in the beginning, but slowly a lot of them is changing color to yellow, orange and red. I have taken photos of them at different times, and I do like to paint close-ups of fruits and vegetables. Finding a composition among the chaos.
My tomatoes are more fun than appetizing. If you like to see appetizing ones, take a look at Kara Bigda's tomatoes , they look tasty.

lördag 12 november 2011

That time of year 5


Well, this is a new take on a old composition and idea. This is a larger version of That time of year 4, and painted on Canvas Hardboard-MDF.  The format is a little different, so I had to adjust the composition.
There are things I like better in this version, but there is also things I like better in the old ones, but over-all I am satisfied with the result.

fredag 11 november 2011

Birch Trees 3

I finished the larger painting today and did also a small painting. The sun sets so early at this time of year, that when I got out to photograph the paintings, the light was so bad that I only got an "OK" photo of the smaller one, so that is the one I have to post. I will probably take new pictures of the paintings tomorrow, but this one have to do for now. (Have changed the photo, so now it is a more accurate photo).
The painting is a continuation of my first Birch-trees painting. This time I changed the palette and played a little more with it. I wanted it to be graphic and simple. I like the result.

onsdag 9 november 2011

Looking up - mini


Not much else than my big canvas board-MDF painting is going on right now, but I got this small painting from a few days ago. Like the last post, this is also one of those exploring paintings.