måndag 7 januari 2019

Flower Abstraction 237

Well... not painting again..... am in the process of moving to a new house, packing and getting ready takes priority. This is one small paintings that I did as a way to "get back to painting" a while ago.

I guess that I have to start that process again, in our new house..... and hopefully sooner than later.

I wish you all a Happy & Creative New Year.

måndag 10 december 2018

Flower Exploration 43

I can't say that I am totally into painting again, but I am satisfied with the things I have done. Large new versions, variations of earlier concepts/paintings. It is so easy that they lack the spontaneity and doesn't live up to the previous ones, but I am glad that they did.
This is a large painting with abstract flowers in a vase. It has a limited color pallette.

måndag 26 november 2018

Flower Abstraction 240

It has been a while... again. I was just getting back to painting again, when my life took a 180 degree turn and painting were no longer on the table.

We are soon moving, sold the our current house and bought a new one, starting from scratch again, but that is a good thing. This time we are going to plan our garden from the perspective of having 2 active Whippet dogs.

I have started painting again, mixed results, but I am going in the right direction.

This is one of my largest paintings that I have done and is a continuation of my flower abstraction concept.

onsdag 11 juli 2018

Landscape Exploration 37

It has been a while since I posted anything, in fact it has been even longer since I hold a brush and painted something. I decided to take a break from painting, things around me was more important and I wanted to focus on that. When things around me calmed down and I was able to focus more on myself, additions to our family took priority. Within two months we bought two "Whippet" puppies, Zune (now almost 7 months old, fawn and white) and Brage (7 weeks younger, brindle) a lot of joy and a lot of work.
I am back painting again and will hopefully continue with it. I still got paintings left to post from before my break, so I will mix old and new paintings in future posts.

I start with a painting that I did last year and two pictures of our dogs.....

måndag 8 januari 2018

Flower Exploration 41

This is a more complex flower exploration painting. How detailed/complex a painting become depend when I think it is done. The risk with that method is to go too far, to over work it. I think that it worked out well this time.

lördag 30 december 2017

Landscape Exploration 30

I have been exploring and painting landscapes/trees a lot, more or less abstract. I have worked without reference, going with my instinct. I will use photos for references and ideas, but for now I have focused on the shapes of the trees, trying out things.

fredag 29 december 2017

Flower Exploration 19

This might be the last post this year, or I might squeeze one more in before New Year. This is the third painting of 3 that I did with white background, keeping it clean, direct and no margin for errors.
Every brush stroke is visible and final, no corrections. I added some more colors in this one.

söndag 24 december 2017

Flower Exploration 32

This is one of my favorite paintings in my "Flower Exploration" series. It is simple, but full of details. I especially like the "wallpaper" background, it really worked well.

tisdag 19 december 2017

Flower Exploration 37

I am experience life at the moment, good and bad. Still painting, but I never seem to get to posting them. This is a small painting in my flower exploration series.

fredag 15 december 2017

Flower abstraction 236

I have moved on from flowers in vases, at least for the moment. While I did them, I mixed things up  with other subjects and concepts. This is more of an abstract, inspired by the more traditional flower paintings. It is good to push things.

torsdag 7 december 2017

Landscape Exploration 28

The majority of my paintings are still flower explorations, but I do mix things up with exploring trees and landscapes too. I haven't reached the point yet, but planning to do a large landscape painting, the largest so far.
This is a small landscape I did a wile ago. I am trying to find the balance between loose and structure.

tisdag 5 december 2017

Flower Exploration 29

This is one of the small flower paintings. What I like about it is the simple composition and the color combination.

söndag 3 december 2017

Flower Exploration 34

I know I should be posting more often, but life takes all the time right now, and painting.

This is one of my small size flower exploration paintings. I have a lot of fun with these. They are small but large enough for me to spread my wings, if you know what I mean.

torsdag 30 november 2017

Forest Exploration 22

This is a small landscape/forest painting, part of my attempt to find new paths to explore.