torsdag 29 mars 2012

Purple Iris 14

This is a simple Iris painting. Have no idea why, can't put my finger on it, but this is one of those photographs that doesn't do the painting justice.

måndag 26 mars 2012

In the forest 3

I have just started exploring and learning my way of doing nature, landscapes and such. I need a lot of practice and find ways to reach the final painting. I have to work with my patience,  to accept that it takes time, that there is stages I have to work through even if I want to work loose.
This is my latest painting in that journey.

fredag 23 mars 2012

Pieces of garlic

Not for Sale

A person commented on a painting a while back, and said at the same time that she would like to see me doing garlic. I did more or less promise that I would do it some day, so here it is. I loved the reference photo that I took a while back, but I wasn't thrilled about getting started with this one. But once I got into the painting, I had a lot of fun doing it.

måndag 19 mars 2012

Purple Irises in the shade

This is me at the moment. I paint when I feel like it, I have no ambition to sell, I paint cause I love it, not for any other reason. I will still be happy if people like my work and buy it though.
I am working my day job, like always, but I will not feel the need to produce and post every single day. Not that it will mean that my paintings will be better for it, but I will not have to push it to get it posted.

This is a darker exploration of my favorite flower.

söndag 11 mars 2012

Tree abstraction 1


After painting 2 tree/forest/wood paintings I wanted the next one to be more abstract than the previous ones, so this is the result, a semi partially abstract tree painting.

torsdag 8 mars 2012

Sushi abstraction (For the first time)

 Another first one for me, in the double sense, since I have never eaten it before and I have never painted it before. Too be honest, haven't painted food before at all (fruits, berries etc. not included).
The food looked amazing, but I am not sure that the small parts that is showing gives the viewer enough information to recognize it, and I am not sure if I simplified all the parts in the right way. It was fun to paint at least, and I think I might try food again.... some day.

onsdag 7 mars 2012

In the forest 2


I did this one right after finished the "In the forest 1" and is in some ways a continuation of it. It is not as abstract, but still with loose and rough brush strokes.

måndag 5 mars 2012

In the forest 1

Not for SALE

Back to nature, well Iris is part of nature, so back to the woods is more correct. I have done some Tree/forest paintings lately. This one is the first I did. Tried to keep it clean, semi-abstract and with loose brush strokes.

lördag 3 mars 2012

Purple Iris 13


My last 2 larger Iris paintings was drawn to the more graphic feel (Purple Iris 12 & Yellow Iris 3), and I kept the colors down, especially in the background. With this Iris painting I went bigger and with bolder colors. First I went with a calmer greenish background, I liked it, but I thought it was too safe, so a few days later I reworked the background. You can be the judge if I did the right thing, I think I did.

fredag 2 mars 2012

Purple Iris 11


This one isn't new, but I thought I try the DPW auction again. The worst thing I know is to put a value on my paintings. There is several variables and reasons to raise or lower a price. It's hard to find that balance to make a painting affordable, but not to give it away.

One thing that I got against me is that since I live in Sweden I have to charge more for shipping and handling than an American painter, and most of my buyers live in the US. Just sending it cost 20$ or more depending on how much the package weighs.

torsdag 1 mars 2012

Landscape study


This is more of an exploration than a planned and executed painting. I painted this a week ago. Even if I have done some successful landscape paintings, they have like most of my artwork been a close-up study where I have been able to use my line work. If things are more distant, I need to find a way to do it my way, but also a way to get looser and even loose the line.
I learned from this painting and I like it in parts, but I am still a beginner.