onsdag 26 februari 2020

Flower Exploration 44

This is a painting that I started/painted a while ago, before I started putting flowers into vases. It was my first experimentation with putting multi flowers together. The idea behind this one is a "Pile of flowers". I liked the result, but never finished it, didn't know where to take it. It sat there a long time, until I finally took the effort to do so.

tisdag 18 februari 2020

Flower abstraction 246

This was a little experiment with multiple flowers, containing my signature graphic flower that was inspired by an Iris flower. I might explore some more with this. It is a small painting and was a real challenge.

torsdag 13 februari 2020

Pear abstraction 4

Hard to find time to paint, which lead to overthinking and rushing to use the time I got, not a good thing when you have an expressive style.

It is easy that the focus is on producing instead of creating, but I do get some things done that I like.

fredag 31 januari 2020

Flower abstraction 244

This one started with an almost "night sky" effect with a lot of stars. I like when I can use the contrast of flat bold brush strokes with textures.

måndag 27 januari 2020

Flower Abstraction 243

Still painting, not as much as I would like too, but it is enough for now. I apologize for the lack of posting, I post more regular on Instagram. 

This is a painting that I would usually do on a bigger scale, but I liked the challenge and I think it turned out great.