onsdag 27 februari 2013

Rowan Berries 15

This is the final Rowan berries painting I painted. This is also a big one. I haven't shown them all, perhaps I show more of them later.

tisdag 26 februari 2013

Face Abstraction 1

 Not For Sale

This is the first attempt that gave me some clues about where I wanted to go. The proportions are a little out there, but it gave me something to think about.

Old faces.....

I haven't done many attempts adapt painting faces to my new looser style. I did one two years ago, but then my style wasn't as loose as now. I have started the journey to finding out how I want to express myself. I know I don't want to do it like I did it before. Here is a few examples of old paintings...

söndag 24 februari 2013

Exploration 1

This is my first non-figurative abstract painting I have ever done. I wanted to keep my style, and play with things that are my strengths. I had a lot of fun with it.

fredag 22 februari 2013

Apples and Pears 5

I went back to small with this one and I tried to keep it clean and simple. I wanted every brush stroke to count.

måndag 18 februari 2013

Abstructure 2

This is the 2nd painting in a new series of paintings that I have been working on. My intention lately have been to go more abstract, have even tried non-figurative abstract for the first time in my life. This series is based on nature (shapes and colors) and is more or less abstract.

söndag 17 februari 2013

Flowerl Abstraction 8


I did this one before the white ones and I really liked the result. Using black lines the way I do means that sometimes I can be bold with them and some times I have to hold them back.

lördag 16 februari 2013

Flower Abstraction 7 & 11



I have explored these small single flower paintings, well one of these got a little more than one. It has resulted in larger ones, but more about them later.

onsdag 13 februari 2013

Rowan Berries 14

After painting medium size paintings of Rowan berries, in different sizes, I decided to go up a notch. This is the first of two larger paintings of the subject.

tisdag 12 februari 2013

Pear Abstraction 1

 Buy two 6" x 6" paintings and only pay shipping and handling for one.

Right now I am working on going as abstract as I can. Sometimes I even go non figurative, something very new for me. This one was done a while back when I went as small as possible, something I don't do at the moment.

söndag 10 februari 2013

Blueberry Abstraction 2

This is the 2nd painting I did with this pink and purple fabric with blueberries. I tried to keep it graphic, fun and abstract. It is interesting how much inspiration a fabric can give.

lördag 9 februari 2013

Cupcake 17


This is a commission painting. I got a request  for a Valentine cupcake painting and this is what I came up with.

fredag 8 februari 2013

Flower Abstraction 4

Buy two 6" x 6" paintings and only pay shipping and handling for one.

I know some people that doesn't like  the strange shape of a Coneflower, but I like the extreme shapes and colors. OK, this is a white one, but there is other colors too.

torsdag 7 februari 2013

tisdag 5 februari 2013

Rowan Berries 11


This is one of my personal favorites. After painting squares I decided to go up in size and explore more. What I like with this series is that it is part nature/landscape and part fruit/berries. I have learned a lot and I hope to take some of it with me when I get back to my tree abstraction paintings.

måndag 4 februari 2013

Blueberry Abstraction 6

 Buy two 6" x 6" paintings and only pay shipping and handling for one.

I did this composition twice. This one, the 2nd one, I did after I had done the single blueberry with the extreme brush strokes and contrasts. I kept the same principle with this one.

lördag 2 februari 2013

Rowan Berries 4


This is one of the first paintings of this series and is a variation of the "Rowan Berries 4". I wanted to see how it would look if I zoomed in and concentrated the composition.