måndag 31 oktober 2011

That time of year 2

I liked my first attempt at capture nature, and it made me want to explore it further. This one is slightly larger and slightly more abstract. I am having a great time exploring and pushing my limits. Will try to mix things up, but there will be a lot of fall colors for a while.

söndag 30 oktober 2011

Orange Lilies

Not For Sale

There is a lot of different Lilies, not sure what common name is for this one, if anyone knows let me know. I took a lot of flower pictures this summer. I did paint a few Lilies in May/June, but this time around my style is so different that it was a totally knew experience to paint it.

lördag 29 oktober 2011

That time of year

Wasted, in the trash.

Painting small or large paintings? Well, both has it's advantages. Lately I have been trying to make my art work on smaller formats, but I haven't gone smaller than 8" x 8" (20 x 20cm). Perhaps I will go smaller in the future, but not right now.

I have also at times had problem finding subjects to paint. I should have fun painting it, but hopefully others will like it too. I have tried a few new things this last week. Todays post is one of them, and it triggered me to paint a 12" x 12" painting and a 23.6" x 15.7" painting.
I have cropped a lot of photographs that I have taken to square format, so I have a pile of things to paint from. This was a fall picture, trees with colorful leaves. So I went for it, interpret it, trying to find my style of doing nature.

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Partially Abstract Water Lilies - Mini 3

Some motives never get old, or at least you get back to it often. Water Lilies is one of those for me. They don't look like they did a year ago, but I am still having fun painting them. This is the 3rd small one I've done the last week, and I think there will be some more coming soon. I usually go with the attitude, if I don't know what to paint, paint Water Lilies, they are never a waste of time.

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Four Horse-chestnuts kept apart 2


I often do a challenge more than once, especially if I like it. This one I did because I did the first one with really dark Horse-chestnuts. I also used an orange under-painting, something I usually don't do. Really like the effect it have on the painting.

onsdag 26 oktober 2011

A lot of bananas


 Meant to paint this one for a while, but never got things right. Every attempt ended up something else. Well, finally I got it right and I am pleased with the result.
The photo I posted wasn't good enough, didn't do the painting justice (if any picture does), took some new photos of it, better now at least.

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

A lot of Apples

Wasted, in the trash.

Lately I have been unsure about what to paint. I know that there is things I ought to paint a lot, to train, to learn, but I put it on hold, perhaps I am afraid of failure. Things I like to paint right now is fruit. Doing it my way. I took a lot of pictures at the supermarket of fruit in their cases. I even arranged some. I like the chaos, to find a close-up from the bunch that gives me inspiration. Here is a lot of apples..... perhaps there will come a painting with even more of them.

måndag 24 oktober 2011

Four Horse-chestnuts kept apart

This weeks challenge on the Daily Paintwork homepage is called  The 10 Minute Challenge - Again. This is my take on it. I did have some problems with keeping up the pace & paint drying up on me. Overall I think I did. OK with follow the directions/rules of the challenge, but I did some final finish brush strokes to finish the painting.

This challenge felt a little bit strange, spooky since I recently did "12 squares of waterlily fun 2".

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Partially Abstract Water Lilies - Mini 1


Here is the first smaller Water Lily painting I did a few days ago. Tried to keep it light, sharp and fun. Painting for me now is more of a journey. Keeping it rough with bold brush strokes and being spontaneous means that the road is partly unknown. A decision can take a painting in a totally new direction. A year ago I planned everything ahead and the paintings had a calm feeling. I paint so differently today (both good and bad I think).

lördag 22 oktober 2011

Partially Abstract Water Lilies - Mini 2


When  I painted "12 squares of waterlilies fun 2" I was delighted with some of the single squares and think I will do some small compositions of waterlilies paintings (8" x 8").  This is the 2nd one I did yesterday.
As usual I tried to keep things loose, fresh and have fun with it.

fredag 21 oktober 2011

Bell Peppers

I really notice the change in season, it is getting darker early here in Sweden, and I get less daylight to paint in.
I know I will have problem getting decent photos of larger paintings the coming months, so I think I will put more effort in painting small. This is the first one, a painting of bell peppers. It is similar in style to "A lot of tomatoes" painting.

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

12 squares of waterlily fun 2


Before I painted the "Don't play with apples" I felt like doing another 12 squares painting, but the first one took some planning, each square would be like a small painting, but also they should work together. That's why I did the apple one, testing what it would look like if I didn't plan anything, and a square shouldn't work on it's own.

This painting is more like the first "12 squares" painting, but I tried to take the planning and each square a step further. I like the result, but it took much longer than usual to paint.

måndag 17 oktober 2011

Don't play with apples


Well, this one is a result of not being sure what to paint, gets stuck between 2 ideas, and just let go and had some fun.

Lilac 3

I got a commission a month a go to paint a Lilac painting, I did 2, and the client ended up buying both. I thought I do another one. Took things that I liked from the other 2 and tried to keep it loose and fresh.

fredag 14 oktober 2011

Purple Iris 10

I am sure this post will not get many hits, cause in one sense I repeat last post and many will think it is the same.
I like the painting I am going to show at that Exhibition, it is only around 3 months since I painted it,  but it isn't how I would have painted it today, so I gave it a go, almost the same composition, same reference photo. This is how it turned out.

torsdag 13 oktober 2011

Purple Iris 1

This painting made it to the Annual Fall Juried Art Exhibition in Malmo (Sweden's 3rd largest city). The exhibition is called "Höstsalong 2011" in swedish. This is the first time I tried this, so I am happy to make it.

söndag 9 oktober 2011

Apple drowning in Horse-chestnuts

Yes I know, another Horse-chestnut painting, but haven't had time to really getting into a place where I could focus on what to do next, so I continued on the path I was on. I had the idea of massive amount of chestnuts and a hint of an apple, like it was covered or drowning. Here is the result.

fredag 7 oktober 2011

Partially Abstract Purple Iris 1

I squeezed in some painting yesterday. Haven't had time to paint, so when the opportunity came I just let go and did this one. I call  it "Partially abstract" because I really didn't hold back. As you all know, I am no realistic painter, but even for me there is degrees, and I think this is one is one of the more "out there" Irises I have done.
Not sure what to think yet, am too close to be objective right now.

onsdag 5 oktober 2011

Green apple and Horse-chestnuts

My 3rd and for now final Horse-chestnut painting, is a kind of "in your face" composition I wanted it to be over the top, but still simple and kind of calm. As usual I played with my brush strokes, wanted it to be loose and spontaneous.

måndag 3 oktober 2011

Horse-chestnuts on the ground

Haven't had much time to paint the last days, but as I told you, did a 3rd take on The Fall's Challenge. I often get ideas about future paintings while I am painting, it can be totally different subjects or ideas of I could do things different than I am doing.
I do think my 8" x 8" paintings are fun and I am satisfied with most of them, but I still think my strengths come through much better when I paint bigger. This one is an example of that.

söndag 2 oktober 2011

Lilac 1

Well, I've just painted another horse-chestnuts painting, a larger and warmer version of my last post, but thought I post the first commission Lilac painting I did. Never done Lilacs before this one, so I had to learn and get the feeling of Lilacs.


lördag 1 oktober 2011

Horse-chestnuts on the pavement

When I finally saw the new challenge on the DPW homepage today, I realized that I rather do last weeks challenge one more time than doing the new one, so I did. Here is my 2nd take on "The fall's challenge".
In a way I think this painting is more "me" than my last post, even though it was more of a play thing, if you know what I mean.