fredag 26 maj 2017

Shapes & Movement 105

Did this one earlier the spring. It is a wonderful season for working and enjoying our garden, but am working on getting back to painting again.

lördag 20 maj 2017

Bird's Nest Abstraction 81

This is a painting that I did earlier this year. It was a painting that started out well, went worse and ended up a little rough, but looking great.

söndag 14 maj 2017

Shapes & Movement 97

A while back, I was asked of a friend of mine to do some black/white paintings. When I started to paint and draw, a long time ago, I only worked in black and white. Perhaps that is the reason that I love colors so much now.

Anyway, I thought it would be a challenge and did some small paintings, mostly black and white, sometimes with a small hint of color.
This one has a hint of yellow in it, to give it a warm feeling. I enhanced that feeling with a yellow frame. Available with frame, give me a message if you want it without.

onsdag 10 maj 2017

Flower Abstraction 229

 Frame included (optional)

I should be painting right now, but late spring and garden work has taken up my time. I am looking forward to start painting again and I have some ideas what subject I will focus on.

This is a painting that I painted a while back and fit very well with the coming season. One might find something in the gardens right now, that remind of this painting.

tisdag 2 maj 2017

Healthy Snacks 12

I realized when I posted an old favorite of mine on Instagram, that it seem that I never posted it on my blog, or elsewhere. Probably because I did a few versions, especially close-ups of the same set up.

I really like this one too, because it is larger and a little "over the top".