onsdag 31 augusti 2016

Flower Abstraction 215

I'm not sure if it is because I have been painting a lot this summer and having a lot to do in our garden, harvesting berries, making jam/marmalade and so on, but right now I am content painting these small paintings, with focus on shapes and color.

lördag 27 augusti 2016

Pine Cone Abstraction 9


It is 3 years ago since I played around with pine cones. I think it is time for a  2nd time around. I want to stay with the small format, play around and have fun with it. This is my first attempt and I think it is a good starting point.

onsdag 24 augusti 2016

Apples and pears 10

Not For Sale

This is a composition that I have done before, but not as small as this. When it comes to subjects or compositions I have two criteria. I don't want to repeat what other artist do and I want to "ad something new to the conversation". To paint something, I have to believe/feel that I can at-least accomplish on of those. Painting fruit is a common subject and I often get stuck because I don't think it is fun or unique enough. I have done a few that I probably won't post, but this one I like.

söndag 21 augusti 2016

bird's Nest Abstraction 63

This is my first small duo bird nest painting and I think it worked out very well. The amount of detail all depend on how a painting progress and in this case I loved the simplicity and decided to not go further with it. I think that was the right decision.

torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Flower Abstraction 192


This is a flower abstraction based or inspired by a sunflower. When I think of sunflowers, I think of one of my favorite painters, Vincent Van Gogh. I am sure I am not the only one getting that connection.

måndag 15 augusti 2016

Flower Abstraction 209

This is the 2nd of a trio of paintings that I did with this color palette. I like them a lot, for different reasons, but a common thing is how much color there is in the flowers, and still they can be considered to be white.

lördag 13 augusti 2016

Flower Abstraction 201

This is a light yellow flower abstraction. I wanted to use a limited color palette and I think it worked out very well. It is fun, sun like and have enough values to make it work.

onsdag 10 augusti 2016

söndag 7 augusti 2016

Bird's Nest Abstraction 61

This is one of my paintings in the series of small bird's nest paintings. I like this a lot. It is simple enough to stay graphic, but detailed enough to give life. It got great impact.

fredag 5 augusti 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 18

This one is larger than my flower abstraction and was done a while back, before I got busy painting flowers. It has a limited pallette and has a great glow.

onsdag 3 augusti 2016

Flower Abstraction 203

This painting is part of a direction that I refer to "Dark temptation". The paintings are still colorful, but are darker or the colors are not as bright. I like the direction this one took.

måndag 1 augusti 2016

Flower Abstraction 193

These small paintings are very expressive and doesn't involve any sketches. I define the flowers with my brush and go with my instinct. Some paintings, like this one, confirm that I am on the right track, going in the right direction. It gives me energy to keep going.