lördag 20 februari 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 14

While I considered on keeping part or the whole "Autumn Berry Abstraction 12" painting, I decided  to make this one. It is a new version of one of the parts that I really liked.

torsdag 18 februari 2016

Flower abstraction 138 - Framed

This is one of the small paintings framed. This is one of 15-20 small paintings that will be part of my Easter exhibition.

A painting can be interesting, beautiful without a frame. The right frame though can elevate it and make it really "pop".


tisdag 16 februari 2016

Getting ready..... Easter 2016

I have decided to show more small paintings this year, compared to last year.
Framing is expensive and framing 20 small paintings would be crazy. I decided to build a rustic and modern frame myself. That way I can keep the cost down and offer the paintings for a reasonable price. I think they look great, but the buyers have the option to replace the frames if they prefer something else.

lördag 13 februari 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 12

The subject of pushing ones limit, going outside ones comfort zone, is a tricky one. I can't  do it all the time, have to find a new place that is my new comfort zone before going further, if you know what I mean. 

A related question is how much do I push? Not enough mean no progress, too much mean there is a risk that I reject it because I can't relate to it, especially if I am not objective enough.
This is a painting that I went outside my comfort zone with. At one point, I was about to scrap the painting as a whole and only save one or two sections of it. The painting as a whole were too busy, to expressive.
I put the painting aside, left it alone for a while. I usually loose interest if I don't keep going and I don't always know in which direction I want to go. This time I was able to keep it together and improve it.
I am not at the point where I am objective enough to judge it, but so far, I don't dislike it.

tisdag 9 februari 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 10


This is a smaller variation of a the autumn berry theme and was the inspiration behind the larger painting I just posted "on the wall" pictures off.
All focus right now is getting things ready for Easter. I got more paintings to show and will be continuing posting and hopefully I will be able to paint too.

söndag 7 februari 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 3 - On the wall

This is another one that has been posted earlier, but in a new context. It is a semi large berry abstraction and I love the elements and colors in this one. It is very diverse, but still cohesive.

fredag 5 februari 2016

Shapes & Movement 45 - On the wall

Time to revisit a painting that have been posted earlier,  but now in a new context. This is how it looks hanging on my kitchen wall. I know that I have said it before, but a picture of a painting rarely give a real impression of it's size. Especially large paintings.

torsdag 4 februari 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 5


This is one of these variations I did while considering cutting down a larger painting, to keep a part I liked in a painting that didn't work for me (became "Autumn Berry Abstraction 6").

tisdag 2 februari 2016

Autumn Berry Abstraction 9


This a large, well semi large at least, autumn abstraction painting. I wanted to contrast the bold warm colors with muted cold ones. This is my favorite painting right now.