söndag 30 december 2012

Super Size Fruit 5

I only got one fabric that has inspired me to use in a painting and I have done several paintings with these orange and white kitchen towels. I have plans to go and buy some more fabrics to use in paintings, but so far I haven't got around to do it.

This painting suit my "Super Size Fruit" series and the last DPW challenge for this year, "The Paint Some Fabric Challenge".

I wish everyone A Happy Creative New Year.

torsdag 27 december 2012

Cupcake 9


I forgot to post this one. I painted it around the same time I did "Cupcake 8" and it has a similar playful close-up composition.

tisdag 25 december 2012

Super Size Fruit 7

Well, this one is a tricky one. I have done zoom in compositions of tomatoes before, but it is a while ago and I was curious how it would look now. My style has changed over time. The tricky part is that most people use tomatoes as vegetables (including me), but they are really fruits, so this do fit the series.

I tried to keep it as simple and clean as possible.

lördag 22 december 2012

Rowen Berries 1 (progress)

I just realized that I did take two progress pictures of my first Rowen berries painting. Thought I share them with you.

 Merry X-mas to you all.

tisdag 18 december 2012

Super Size Fruit 6


This is actually a composition I started on a few months ago. I started with one that had a very lovely sketchy feeling too it and then I got stuck, not knowing where to go, I decided to start another one and let the first rest with the possibility of just being an unfinished sketch. Well, to make a long story short, I didn't know what I wanted and I wasn't totally pleased with the things went, so I trashed them both.

I have finally tried to get it done and I went with the same size as earlier. The composition also suited my new series of painting and I think it was worth the wait.

söndag 16 december 2012

Super Size Fruit 2

There will be more Rowen berries later, but first another "Super Size Fruits" painting. I have painted a lot this past week and I have had a lot of fun, more than usual in fact. I think the break was a good thing. Things had time to sink in and I recharged my creative battery.

I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

fredag 14 december 2012

Rowan Berries 1

I have done paintings with unknown red berries before, but this autumn I took a lot of photographs of Rowen trees. The colors was amazing. I have finally got them on canvas (or should I say panel).

onsdag 12 december 2012

Super Size Fruit 3

I revisited raspberries with this one. I think I found a good balance between detail and keeping it simple. I didn't go as rough and loose as the first one, but I didn't get lost with the details either. I tried to keep it clean, simple and graphic. I had a lot of fun with it.

tisdag 11 december 2012

Bell pepper abstraction 3

One can say that I have begun a new series of paintings called "Super size fruit". It's not that I haven't done large than life fruits before, but since I am really into it right now, I might as well give them a new name.
Before it was a series, only one painting done, I did this one, a single bell pepper with character.

söndag 9 december 2012

Super size fruit 1

I am back!

It has been a couple of crazy months, both good and bad things happened. I started to renovate my apartment to take my mind of the bad things. First the hallway and now I am a week from having a new bathroom.

My last post was on the 20th of November and I haven't done any painting for a month (walls don't count). I finally got started yesterday again, and the focus right now is to get painting into my system again.

If I don't keep on painting I loose motivation. My biggest motivation is progress and to explore.
It was really hard to get going again. I will try to do things that I like, even redo old paintings that I think I could do better or different know.

I went very rough with this one. I am not in the mood to work small or doing a lot of details. I like flaws, they give a painting character.

tisdag 20 november 2012

Tree abstraction 45

I am finishing up some smaller things and details in my hallway, after that it should be finished. I am going to repaint the doors and change handles, but that have to wait.
I have done a few with this perspective before, but went bolder with color and mixed the up the black line to get some depth.

onsdag 14 november 2012

Tree abstraction 43

My tree abstractions is more or less partially abstract. I think this one is one of the more abstracted.

tisdag 13 november 2012

Apple abstraction 14

An apple a day, keep the doctor away, or at least that is what we say in Sweden. This is a small painting where I put the focus on a single apple.

måndag 12 november 2012

söndag 11 november 2012

A single tomato on branch 2

Still busy renovating, but did this a while back when I did "A single tomato on branch 1". I was at the time also testing to go down in size and this is a smaller, more cropped version of the larger one.

lördag 10 november 2012

Pieces of garlic 2

I haven't done any painting for the last week, well not any artwork at least. I have been busy renovating my hallway. Everything was stripped down a lot of work has been done.
I will hopefully get a step closer to finish my hallway today. There will come some workers today and put some new woodwork around the door openings and finish some electrical fittings. Then it is up to me to do some final painting.
I haven't painted any art for a week. I am starting to get an itch to start something again. I did this one around the same time I did the other garlic painting I posted a while back.