onsdag 29 april 2015

Flower Abstraction 113


I have things that I plan to do, subjects etc. to explore, but got caught up playing around with these small flower abstractions. Painting small doesn't always fit my style of painting, but right now it does.

I also realized that photographing these small paintings can be problematic, that too much details in the canvas etc. is showing.The reason is that the photo is larger than the actual painting. Posting smaller pictures of these small paintings from now on.

söndag 26 april 2015

Flower Abstraction 111


Time is still something that I don't have enough of and I would have liked to have had more painting done, but at least I am painting again.
As a warm-up, I have done something that suits small sizes and has a strong design element, my simplified flowers.

måndag 13 april 2015

Shapses & Movement 31

The Easter Exhibition is over and I am left with a lot of positive energy, time to get painting again (unless I get stuck in our garden). I did this one recently and it was a result of liking a part of a painting that I am not sure going to get finished.

I am adjusting my prices due to changes in currency. Local buyers should contact me for Price with  or without local shipping costs. Any questions, feel free to ask! ;)

torsdag 9 april 2015

Easter Art Exhibition 2015, part 2

Here is a few pictures from my exhibition that ends on Sunday. The best thing about an exhibition is the energy that I get from all the positive feed back. I am really looking forward to get some paint on a canvas soon.

tisdag 7 april 2015

Shapes & Movement 32

I would never be where I am if I didn't go outside my comfort zone and it is also the reason why I went from an occasional painter to a painter that is on a continuous journey. I get a lot of energy from it.
This one of those times when I went for it, learned a lot, and liking what I see. I especially like the clean aspect against the rough one.

lördag 4 april 2015

Easter Art Exhibition 2015

This is the painting that represent me in our group exhibition. We are totally 29 artists from our "guild" that show this year.