tisdag 29 oktober 2013

Flower Abstraction 36

I did this one a while back in the middle of the summer. I had taken the reference photo earlier, liked it, but it was so different than what I had done before, that it took a while before I went for it. It is not my typical colors, but I like it.

söndag 27 oktober 2013

Flower Abstraction 49


After all those colors in my previous flower paintings, I wanted to do flowers with less colors, white or soft yellow. I experimented with this one and went with bold blue as contrast in the shadows.

onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Rowan berries 16

Not everyone  might not be familiar with Rowen berries, but that isn't that important, there is plenty of bushes and trees with similar red berries. This is my latest painting in that series and it will not be my last. This is one of my latest paintings and reference photo was taken late summer, before the leaves changed color.

måndag 21 oktober 2013

Flower Abstraction 48

This is one of my new paintings and is a continuation of my flower theme. I try to find the balance between simplicity, detail and roughness. I think I did it with this one. I like it a lot.

fredag 18 oktober 2013

Pine Cone Abstraction 2


This was the 2nd one I painted in that series. It is one of the biggest ones I did and the colors are more natural. It still has some roughness and bold brush strokes though.

onsdag 16 oktober 2013

Blueberry Abstraction 10


I am mixing new paintings with paintings I did before my break. This one was done earlier. I don't paint this small often, but sometimes it just feels right.

måndag 14 oktober 2013

Berry Abstraction 2

Whenever I don't know what to paint or need something to get me going, (after a break for example), I paint something that I love to do. One of those subjects are berries and fruit and this one I did to get me started after my long break. It is big, colorful and I went with energy and bold brush strokes. Not sure why, but I have a blast when I do that.

torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Abstracture 15

This one was painted a while back. I have posted a similar one, same size, but  with a different color scheme. I experimented with colors on a smaller one first (6 squares) and finally did a large one with the same colors. I had a lot of fun doing these. Exploring and pushing my comfort zone.

tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Flower Abstraction 46 & 47

Flower Abstraction 46  (12" x 12")

 Flower Abstraction 47  (16" x 16")
350 $ (Shipping and handling included in the price) Contact me if interested

It has been a while, but I hope I am back again. I have started painting again and I have gotten the energy back to continue. There are several reasons why I disappeared, some good ones and some bad ones. I did a few paintings that is connected with a project that I am involved in. Can't say much right now, but it is commercial. One part is finished, the 2nd part (involving the paintings I have done) isn't done yet.

To get into painting again, I did a 20" x 20" painting of berries, will probably show that one later, but as my comeback post I decided share two paintings that I did directly after that one, both with the same composition. I did the smaller one first and the went bigger and more detailed.