tisdag 29 augusti 2017

Flower Exploration 3

This is the 3rd painting in this new series of paintings. I have done 11 so far. It is fun to explore something new and to have an idea what I want with it.

tisdag 22 augusti 2017

Landscape Exploration 24

I wanted to push this one a little further than the previous ones, bolder colors, a little rougher etc.

torsdag 17 augusti 2017

fredag 11 augusti 2017

Flower Exploration 1

I have thought of exploring flowers in a vase for a long time, finally I got the courage to go with it. This is the first one, had a little problem with the vase in itself, but I got it to work in the end.

I realized during the process that I am not interested in the vase in itself and want to find a concept of a vase that I like, and stick with it.

söndag 6 augusti 2017

Landscape Exploration 25

I wanted to paint an open, low key landscape, experimenting a little. This is the result.