torsdag 28 september 2017

Landscape Exploration 23

I did this a while ago, I tend to go with a theme right now until I get bored or feel that I don't adding anything new to the table. Going smaller mean keeping it simple,clean and not to overwork it with details.

måndag 25 september 2017

Playful Fruit Abstraction 1

When I played around with my flower exploration series, I started to do parts of flowers, petals and fruit on the table. The result was a very fresh and playful approach to it. It also show that overthinking can be a bad thing and I should trust my instinct.

onsdag 20 september 2017

Shapes & Movement 116

This is one of my favorite paintings at the moment. Love the colors and the rhythm of the lines and shapes.

lördag 16 september 2017

Flower Exploration 12

After several painting of flowers in a vase, I thought I take it a little more abstract, skipping the vase and go with shapes and colors. Working like I do, going where my instinct lead me, it got less abstract than I had in mind, but that isn't a bad thing. I like this one a lot.

söndag 10 september 2017

Landscape Exploration 26

Going down in size from time to time is fun, just have to keep it clean and not to overwork with details.

fredag 1 september 2017

Flower Exploration 2

This is the 2nd painting I did in this series. I like the contrasts and the arrangement in this one. I'm not sure how many I will make, but I will push them to a more abstract direction too.