onsdag 30 juli 2014

Flower Abstraction 105


I wanted to do a very mono chromic painting, with flowers peaking through, but with enough contrasts to make it work. It was challenge to use as much red as I did in this painting, and fun to experiment. I don't always no where I am going, but I know that I have to go in some direction.

måndag 28 juli 2014

Shapes & Movement 5

This is a small abstract painting that I painted a while back. The shapes in this one are more like different sizes of brush strokes. I recently (before my little break) painted my largest abstract painting ever, and it was a real challenge. More about that one later. It is now time to paint a 2nd coat of paint on my kitchen walls.

onsdag 23 juli 2014

Landscape Exploration 12

I thought I would bring a new element in this landscape painting, a path between the trees. I lost the simplicity a little, but I had to put in some more details, some more brush strokes to make it work. It lost some of it's roughness, but I still like it.

måndag 21 juli 2014

Flower Abstraction 108

Been painting a lot the last months and I feel that I need a break, recharge my batteries. A good time to renovate my kitchen. Well there will be some kind of painting at least, even if it will be in one color, white.
This is one of the paintings that haven't been posted yet. It is a large flower abstraction painting, with focus on color, shapes and playfulness.

torsdag 17 juli 2014

Landscape Abstraction 8

This is a large landscape abstraction with a limited color palette. I wanted it to have great compact with vibrant colors, a good balance between simplicity and details and to have enough elements in the composition to make it interesting. I really like this one.

The two last pictures show the painting's size compared to a 8" x 8" painting.

tisdag 15 juli 2014

Shapes & Movement 24

This is the largest non-figurative painting that I have done. I decided to do one after I wiped two attempts at doing one of my "landscape abstractions". There wasn't much paint on the canvas, but there was no way that I could use any transparent washes, something I like to do in my landscape paintings. Doing abstract at this size was a challenge, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

söndag 13 juli 2014

Flower Abstraction 99

This a flower abstraction painting based on the flower concept that I have been working on, all about shapes, simplicity and color. This one has an overall warm color palette and contrasts made with values.

onsdag 9 juli 2014

Landscape abstraction 7

I felt that I had to push myself a little after doing a more "subtle" landscape painting, going more bold with the colors and brush strokes. It is the same size as the other real large ones that I have done. It was a challenge, but I think it paid of.

söndag 6 juli 2014

Flower Abstraction 107

I usually wait a while before I post a painting, but this one is new and I though I would share it. It was a big challenge, not only because of the size, but also because I wanted to balance the decorative aspects with a roughness and to keep it contemporary.

torsdag 3 juli 2014

Flower Abstraction 104

Once upon a time, this was a landscape abstraction painting, but not anymore. I never got to the place where I was satisfied with the landscape, partly yes, but not as a whole. I decided to scrap it, take advantage of the opportunity and have some fun.

onsdag 2 juli 2014

Flower Abstraction 102

I do paint some small paintings, trying out new things etc. I'm not sure if it is a permanent thing, but I signed this small painting without putting the year after my name. I think I will continue to do that on small paintings. It can be a pain to fit that in sometimes.
I don't put that many paintings up for auction, but I thought I break the pattern and do it with this one.

tisdag 1 juli 2014

Landscape Exploration 8

This is one of the smaller ones I have done since my exhibition. I still love to explore and express myself on large canvases. I kept this one clean and graphic, making each brush stroke count.