måndag 10 december 2018

Flower Exploration 43

I can't say that I am totally into painting again, but I am satisfied with the things I have done. Large new versions, variations of earlier concepts/paintings. It is so easy that they lack the spontaneity and doesn't live up to the previous ones, but I am glad that they did.
This is a large painting with abstract flowers in a vase. It has a limited color pallette.

måndag 26 november 2018

Flower Abstraction 240

It has been a while... again. I was just getting back to painting again, when my life took a 180 degree turn and painting were no longer on the table.

We are soon moving, sold the our current house and bought a new one, starting from scratch again, but that is a good thing. This time we are going to plan our garden from the perspective of having 2 active Whippet dogs.

I have started painting again, mixed results, but I am going in the right direction.

This is one of my largest paintings that I have done and is a continuation of my flower abstraction concept.

onsdag 11 juli 2018

Landscape Exploration 37

It has been a while since I posted anything, in fact it has been even longer since I hold a brush and painted something. I decided to take a break from painting, things around me was more important and I wanted to focus on that. When things around me calmed down and I was able to focus more on myself, additions to our family took priority. Within two months we bought two "Whippet" puppies, Zune (now almost 7 months old, fawn and white) and Brage (7 weeks younger, brindle) a lot of joy and a lot of work.
I am back painting again and will hopefully continue with it. I still got paintings left to post from before my break, so I will mix old and new paintings in future posts.

I start with a painting that I did last year and two pictures of our dogs.....

måndag 8 januari 2018

Flower Exploration 41

This is a more complex flower exploration painting. How detailed/complex a painting become depend when I think it is done. The risk with that method is to go too far, to over work it. I think that it worked out well this time.