torsdag 30 november 2017

Forest Exploration 22

This is a small landscape/forest painting, part of my attempt to find new paths to explore.

lördag 25 november 2017

Flower Exploration 22

I am so behind showing what I have done, but too busy painting, a blessing in disguise. This painting is the result of being inspired by what I do. I saw a detail in a painting, and wonder how it would look as a separate painting.

måndag 20 november 2017

Flower Exploration 24

This is another painting in the "Flower Exploration" series. I still do landscape/tree paintings, but I will continue with these too, still think that I can take them further, have more to give.

fredag 17 november 2017

Forest Exploration 21

This is the painting right now that inspire most when it comes to trees and landscapes. The problem for me is to not overthink it, not trying to replicate something that was pure instinct and confidence over my own ability.

måndag 13 november 2017

Flower Exploration 25

This is one of my favorite flower paintings and I think it's partly because it came from a place where I tried new colors & went for it.

fredag 10 november 2017

Flower Exploration 20

I got stuck on trees, started overthink what I was doing, trying to replicate what I did when I went with the flow and instinct. Am back on flowers again at the moment.

This is one of the large ones I did before moving to landscapes. I really like this one. Has a lovely glow.

tisdag 7 november 2017

Playful Fruit Abstraction 2

Sometimes it is a good thing to change things up when one is starting to get stuck, getting to repeat patterns. When it happens, I might go small, play with a single apple and try to put my spin on it.

onsdag 1 november 2017

Forest Exploration 20

I have moved on from flowers to trees, landscapes and forests. I still have flower paintings to show, but will mix a little for variation. This is the first one I did, just went with the flow and didn't have any restrictions.