torsdag 31 januari 2013

Cupcake 16


This is a cupcake that is inspired by the photo provided for the "December Art Challenge". I did two version of it and both versions has a simplicity that I love.
That challenge and several others can be found at the "Shoot and Paint blog"

onsdag 30 januari 2013

Flower Abstraction 3


I went outside my comfort zone with this one. Not as much black lines, but still recognizable me, I hope.

tisdag 29 januari 2013

Blueberry Abstraction 5

 Buy two 6" x 6" paintings and only pay shipping and handling for one.

I went very graphic and bold with this one. I like the abstract feeling and also the contrasts. This is actually the first 6" x 6" painting I did with the bold brush strokes and the simplicity.

söndag 27 januari 2013

Apple Abstraction 23


I have continued with my 6" x 6" paintings. Concentrating on simplicity, keeping it graphic and fresh.

lördag 26 januari 2013

Super Size Fruit 8

This is the 2nd version of three with this composition. After I made a small one (8" x 8") I wondered if it would look different if I did it larger, would I change the brush strokes and keep it as simple as the first one? The answer is "no"! Going up in size meant more brush strokes and details.

torsdag 24 januari 2013

Apple Abstraction 19

Buy two 6" x 6" paintings and only pay shipping and handling for one.

The majority of paintings done in the last two months has been 16" x 16" or larger. There has been some 8" x 8", but I haven't been able to get anything squeezed in on a smaller panel than that. I have a pile of 6" x 6" panels and I wondered if I would ever get anything done on them. I did give it a go today, and for some reason it worked.

tisdag 22 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 9 - from start to finish

This is the first of two paintings based on the same reference photo. I posted the 2nd one earlier. I did take some progress photos of this one and are shown below. I thought the painting was finished at one point, but realized later that I wanted to take it a little bit further with the contrasts. The first three photos were taken with my iPhone in the evening, the colors are not accurate (too much yellow).

söndag 20 januari 2013

Blueberry Abstraction 1

I continued to play with fabric and combined it with some blueberries. I took an abstract approach, played with it, didn't go too detailed. I had a lot of fun.

lördag 19 januari 2013

Cupcake 12


I did this one in December, but there was something lacking, wasn't sure what. I did put it away for a while, and last week I went back to it, fixed a few details and now I like it a lot.

torsdag 17 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 7

This painting is a little different than the other paintings in this series. With the big berries is could easily fit the "Super Size fruit" series.

tisdag 15 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 10

I have no idea what people want to see, but I have had a lot of fun painting this Rowan berries series. This is the 2nd one that is based on this scene and composition. I was not sure which one to post first, they are similar, but also very different. I chose this one because I took it a little further and if I have to chose, this is my favorite of the two.

måndag 14 januari 2013

Apples and Pears 2

I bought the fabrics to inspire me, not to limit my expression. I am not trying to recreate the fabric, but use it as a supporting actor to my composition. I love how the fabric colors resonate with the color of the red pears.

lördag 12 januari 2013

Apples and Pears 1

I finally got around and bought some fabric and have played around with it in combination with fruit. I have also done more than one version of several compositions. Playing around with it, doing more or less color, changing size on the panel etc. I have done 3 version of this one and this was the first one. I'm not sure why, but I really liked the composition and the feeling of it.

torsdag 10 januari 2013

Apple Abstraction 18

I have done two paintings for the  "January Art Challenge". I love the apple that was provided and used it instead of something I got. This is the larger of the two and shows more of the draping of the cloth.

tisdag 8 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 2

This is the 2nd painting that I did in my Rowan berries series. It is inspired by the same photograph as the first painting. When I finished the first one, I wondered how it would have looked like if I went closer, cropped it more. If it feels right I usually follow up those instincts and try it out.

måndag 7 januari 2013

Cupcake 10


This one didn't end up like I intended it to do. I had some ideas about the background, but it didn't work out, so I adjusted it and added parts of cupcakes on each side, so it is like a display, cupcakes in a row.

söndag 6 januari 2013

Super Size Fruit 6

When I painted this I liked the pile of cherries, but I had no idea in what context I wanted to have them in. I decided to go dark, moody and almost an almost colorless background. I might do another one with more vivid colors later.

fredag 4 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 5

This series of paintings have been so much fun and so far contains 9 paintings. Some are more restrained, others are very loose and abstract. This one is one of the more abstract ones.
I started this painting a little different than what I usually do. I didn't use any lines in the beginning, I just blocked out objects with color. I did take a few progress photos with my phone. They are not great, but I hope they give you an idea of the process.

onsdag 2 januari 2013

A year between them - progress

One of my favorite artists, Julie Ford Oliver, had a review of her work to show how much her art had changed in a year. She showed an older painting along side a new version of it, which made it easier to see how her approach and technique have changed.

I have made new versions of several old paintings. These paintings was inspired by the same photo. The left one was painted in July 2012 and the right one in July 2011. Just thought I share what happened in a year.

tisdag 1 januari 2013

Rowan Berries 3

I have really put a lot of time into exploring these berries, the micro universe of looking into a small part of a tree. The last ones has been more abstract than the first and it has been a fun journey. The count so far is eight Rowan Berries paintings. I hope I get some other paintings done so I can mix things up.