söndag 9 december 2012

Super size fruit 1

I am back!

It has been a couple of crazy months, both good and bad things happened. I started to renovate my apartment to take my mind of the bad things. First the hallway and now I am a week from having a new bathroom.

My last post was on the 20th of November and I haven't done any painting for a month (walls don't count). I finally got started yesterday again, and the focus right now is to get painting into my system again.

If I don't keep on painting I loose motivation. My biggest motivation is progress and to explore.
It was really hard to get going again. I will try to do things that I like, even redo old paintings that I think I could do better or different know.

I went very rough with this one. I am not in the mood to work small or doing a lot of details. I like flaws, they give a painting character.

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  1. Sooo glad you are back...was wondering where you were. A new bathroom...yes, huge undertaking. Lovely!!!

  2. Hoppas du kommer att trivas med det nyrenoverade. Målningen blev fin!

  3. Eh? Vet inte, men tiden på min kommentar stämmer inte alls. Klockan är nu 23.28. Inte för att det spelar nån roll, bara slog mig. :D

  4. Welcome back again Roger...wondered in fact if you were painting the whole house :-)) I love this painting , lovely warm colors and painted so freely.

  5. Hi Roger,
    I am happy to see again your very amazing art !!!
    Have a nice and creative new week !!!

  6. I missed you. It is difficult to get back to it, but you've done a great job of it with this beauty. Rough suits you. This painting has a wonderful liveliness to it.

  7. Maybe I should take a month off if it would give me what you captured in this WONDERFUL painting! Gosh, Roger, have you seen how great this one is yet?

  8. Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver... Moi également je me suis absentée durant quelques semaines... Je comprends votre ressenti en ce qui concerne la reprise. Il n'est jamais simple de recommencer à peindre... La joie, la foi y est mais c'est comme la crainte de ne plus savoir... C'est comme retirer le plâtre à une jambe cassée. Heureusement cela va revenir...
    Tout comme vous, je n'aime pas m'arrêter et pourtant la vie et ses aléas font que parfois nous devons.
    Je ne suis pas déçue de ce que je découvre aujourd'hui en admirant votre "nouvelle" toile. Des fruits, des vitamines aux magnifiques couleurs... une belle ordonnance qui devrait guérir les doutes... et qui remplit mon regard de bonheur.

    Gros bisous.

  9. Glad you're back! It can be difficult to find your way back into the painting zone however, you seem to have jumped right in with ease, because this one is beautiful.


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