tisdag 5 februari 2013

Rowan Berries 11


This is one of my personal favorites. After painting squares I decided to go up in size and explore more. What I like with this series is that it is part nature/landscape and part fruit/berries. I have learned a lot and I hope to take some of it with me when I get back to my tree abstraction paintings.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous!!!! Color. Size. Depth. Just beautiful Roger. I really like the way you are playing cool and warm colors together. It's lively. Your composition keeps my eye on the canvas too. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Linda. PS! There will be posted even larger ones later.

  2. I am with you on this one Roger and am pleased you can tell how good it is. I particularly love the colors and the way your grouped them.

  3. For sure one of my favorites, too ! Beauuuutiful colors...love the freshness in this composition .


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