måndag 5 mars 2012

In the forest 1

Not for SALE

Back to nature, well Iris is part of nature, so back to the woods is more correct. I have done some Tree/forest paintings lately. This one is the first I did. Tried to keep it clean, semi-abstract and with loose brush strokes.

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  1. I love the view point of this one...looking upwards, as always just great!

  2. Thank you Jane.

    If I am going to ever be a great landscape painter, I need to do a lot of practice and exploration.

  3. I like the deep reds with the bright yellow green. Very refreshing. Your pioneering style continues!!
    Keep your paints wet,

  4. I love that background showing through some of the tree trunks. Out of curiosity I stepped back from my monitor and looked at this from a distance - magic! Up close it's dynamic and full of energy, at a distance soft and serene. Wonderful painting Roger.

    1. I know this is kind of crazy, but I know I got a graphic kind of style and when I paint I must like the painting at close range and far away, if I don't like a painting at both distances, then I will never love the painting. A few of the paintings that I destroyed was such painting. Among them was my first "That time of year" painting, where I really let loose for the first time, when painting trees/landscape, but I didn't like it up close, so it is history.

  5. Thank you all for your nice comment.
    Too explore is both a curse and a fantastic journey.


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