tisdag 13 december 2011

3 avocado halves

Not For Sale

A few days ago I sat and had no idea what I wanted to paint. I have been painting a lot and I think I needed this little break. During the confusion I did manage to paint this avocado painting, which I like a lot. Some paintings I don't mind not selling.This one I  even consider not selling, well I will sleep over it. I like it's simplicity and roughness.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice one. I like the design.
    Today I realized how relaxed your paintings are. There is a randomness about the brush strokes that exudes confidence and is therefore very calming.

  2. The color graduation between the pit and outer edges of the fruit - perfect. And I know you work in acrylic, so you have to work fast. That means your brush strokes have to be sure, and they consistently are.
    Would not blame you a bit if you decided to hang onto this one for yourself - it's wonderful.
    And as always, love your avocados. :)

  3. Thanks, glad you liked it. Wouldn't say that the brush strokes are random, but I either think a brush stroke is needed, or I feel it does. =)

  4. Great composition and thought. I'd keep it. It's one where everything came together right.


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