lördag 17 december 2011

Birch Trees Inferno

This is loosely based and inspired by a small painting I did earlier (Birch Trees Mini). I think I took things one more step further toward abstraction. I wanted it to explode with colors, like getting overwhelmed by it all when walking in the woods.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! This one is intense. It almost feels like it's in 3D! Maybe because the perspective goes back on both sides. As I've said, it's amazing to see an artist really explore a subject. (I get bored after 3 paintings of 1 thing!)
    Have a wonderful holiday,

  2. You got it Nora, I tried to go full force, a little over the top. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Wonderful birch trees Roger. I love how you've shown the ones in the background - there's depth but harmony - nothing is competing.
    And your photos always look great. Do you have any tips for photographing paintings?

  4. Thank you Karen. Taking photos are always tricky. I got the advantage of dry paint, those painting with oil are not that lucky. Taking pictures outside in the shade, and watch reflections, that all I can say.


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