tisdag 5 november 2013

bird's nest abstraction 28

I have done a lot of bird's nest paintings, but I think I have done them in a lot of different ways. Still in my style, but with different approaches. This is one of the later ones in the series when I went bold, but not as bold as my last post. This one is more graphic than abstract, I think.

I want to thank everyone that post comments on my blog. I might not always reply to them, never seem to have time to do it, but I appreciate them all. Thank you! =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Roger, this is a gorgeous painting! I think your entire Bird Nest series is amazing. There is so much character and expression in them. Beautiful colors and vibrancy in this one!

  2. Less bold but with some new colors that really enhance each other. Amazing how many ways one can make a nest !


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