måndag 19 maj 2014

Landscape Exploration 7

This is a new large painting. I got the reference photo from my father, I have put him on photo duty and he does an excellent work. To be honest, he is in better shape than me and he is 83 years old.
I usually pick only part of a reference photo, the feeling, some details, the colors etc. I don't pay much notice to the trees, which might be odd. I might take some placement suggestions from the photo though.

Not the best photograph, but I took it to show the size compared to a 6" x 6" painting.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Bonjour cher Roger,
    J'aime toute cette lumière qui pénètre dans cette dernière peinture. Elle s'aventure malicieusement dans cette nature en fête. Des couleurs qui invitent à la danse. Une oeuvre qui exprime la joie de vivre, une belle ode à la vie...

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. Excellent abstract landscape painting !!!
    Have a nice day Roger !!!

  3. A great painting, Roger! I really like the photo, to see the comparison between the small and big painting. Very nice that your father is taking the reference photo's.


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