söndag 15 februari 2015

"Landscape Exploration 15

This is one of my smaller landscape paintings. I know that it isn't that small, but I don't like going too small, doesn't fit my style of painting. I can go smaller, but I really have to be in the right frame of mind.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great and strong composition with very beautiful colours !!!
    Have a nice and creative week !!!

  2. Always strong in composition and getting stronger with creating a feeling of deep space via the use of color. While you thought you weren't doing any painting during your break, your mind was making decisions with regard to paint. Good ones.

  3. These are beautiful spring colors, great composition !

  4. Här händer det saker! Hoppas du kommit i ordning nu efter flytten.
    Roligt att se dina landskapsmålningar också. Jag bläddrade ner en bit o kollade. Den förra var en av favoriterna. Gillade det där lite mörka. Ha det bra!


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