tisdag 10 mars 2015

Landscape Exploration 18

This is a large painting that is the result after rejecting and painting over a painting that others liked, but I didn't. Starting over is a blessing and a curse. It can give you a freedom to let go since you don't have anything to loose or the existing paint can distract and make it hard to move on. Am not objective enough, but it is a lot better than what was there before.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Bonjour cher Roger,

    La danse ou la ronde des arbres de la forêt... Ils ont décidé de se donner la "main" et créer une farandole printanière joyeuse... N'est-ce pas ainsi que les hommes devraient faire ?...
    Des couleurs fantastiques.

    ❁ Gros bisous ❁

  2. The trees look like they are moving...or dansing , a happy feeling :-)

  3. This has so much interest and lines...Very Successful!


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