tisdag 21 februari 2017

New Fence - Update

We did the major part of the new fence yesterday, we liked it, but felt that it could be better with a few changes. We did the changes today and we feel that we made the right decision. The first version had more drama, but the final fence has better "flow". I show both versions. The neighbors were good enough to give us free hands, they didn't need the privacy, but we felt that it looked better with it.
I show the final result first and show the first attempt further down.

This is the final fence with the small changes that we did today. We had to cut one pillar/post a little and remove one to make a taller one.

This is how it looked yesterday, with 3 dramatic changes in hight.

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  1. The new fence looks great! Even though your neighbors didn't mind it, it is always a good idea to have a line between houses; even physical ones. If I could advise something about it, I would say why not have it uniquely designed with posters to fill the gaps between the planks? I think that would be a great idea!


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