söndag 29 januari 2012

Taking photos again...

Haven't had time to paint lately. The quality of the pictures I have taken of my paintings, especially my large ones are not good enough. My old camera took "OK" pictures of my 8" x 8" and 12" x 12" paintings, but when it came to the large ones it really sucked.
I have now bought a new camera, and I have spent time learning the basics, and have also taken new pictures.
I must say that even though not all pictures are perfect, they still are much better and do the paintings more justice. The focus is over the whole painting not only in the middle, and they show more details and more accurate colors. I also got rid of those damn reflections.

I am replacing all picture of my large paintings.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Big difference! Did getting a new camera get ride of the reflections or did you do something different when taking the photo? Love your work Roger.

  2. Yes, definitely better.
    Happy Photographing,

  3. There is quite a big difference indeed, much more luminous.

  4. I am glad that you agree. =)

    Varnish a painting reduce reflection on "Golden's fluid acrylics", but I think I can thank my new camera for most of the emprovements.

  5. And than you Staar, glad you like my work.

    PS! can't find your e-mail on your blog (Staar), you should ad it in your profile or on blog.

  6. The new camera really brought the sky out! I love your work, Roger...so original!

  7. Wow..this is glorious ...keep on painting .....your paintings are a pleasure to our eyes. Fantastic use of colour !


    PS I found your blog on Art Blog Hop

  8. Big difference--I've had the same problem w/large paintings. One side usually looks washed out. Time for a new camera?


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