lördag 14 januari 2012

Too Many tomatoes, but where else to put them?

I know this is a mad painting. I painted this a while back. Have done smaller and medium paintings that has been close-ups of tomatoes. I wondered how it would look like if I went over the top. Instead of making a chaos, I decided to put some in the background, almost like a wallpaper. I also made areas with same colored tomatoes and put some outside outside the color area, like a yellow tomato on red.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I think it is interesting and original other than very well done. Would look great on a kitchen wall:-))

  2. I need my 3D glasses! Looks really cool.

  3. Well, said it was a crazy thing. =)
    Thank you both.

  4. I agree with Jane and Nora . . . I think this is very cool.


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