tisdag 22 maj 2012

Tree abstraction 8


It's time to get back to my tree abstraction painting series. This was done a while back, but since I try to mix things up, it had to wait for it's turn.

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  1. This one has an instant calming effect, while the others are full of energy. This one just makes me want to sit against one of the trunks and daydream. I wonder if it's the leaves?
    Stay inspired!

  2. Des turquoises, des verts qui n'ont sont pas... tel le printemps! Des arbres aux feuillages semblables à des bonbons acidulés... Une forêt pleine de promesses...
    Un grand merci pour votre petit mot... Je ne manquerai pas de vous en dire plus...
    gros bisous

  3. I like how you've scratched in some leaf detail here! It's so much fun to look at a painting and be able to actually see how it was done. I imagine you looking at those leaves saying, "still needs something...", then flipping your brush around. Don't know if that's how it happened, but anyway it's fun to think about things like that. Going to ramble a bit here, but I also like how the calming effect of the cool colors contrast against the sharp electricity of the tree trunks and limbs. The scratched leaf details serve to unify the scene. Seems I have a new favorite. :)

  4. Your home must look awesome with all of these tree paintings on the walls!! Like an indoor forest.
    Have a blast!

  5. wonderfully composed painting!


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