måndag 20 maj 2013

Bird's Nest Abstraction 14

This one has a little story. I was so happy about "Bird's nest abstraction 10" that I wanted to do a larger version of it, but with a slightly different composition. I chose a slightly darker orange, almost burned sienna as a wash on it, which made the start a little different than the original. The fact that I work a lot by instinct,  and the bold brush strokes gives the painting so much impact, the painting took a direction that I wasn't prepared for. Since I had my mind set on one thing, I was unhappy, unsure about what I felt like about the new painting. I loved it one minute, hated it the next. I was about to trash it when my love came home from work and loved it. Insisting that I finish it, which I did. Now it is one of my personal favorites.

I think this one was a perfect example about not being objective and have my mind set on what it wasn't instead of it's possibilities.

4 kommentarer:

    The eggs are nestled in just right. The colors are rich and the active brushwork has great vitality.
    So glad you listened to your loved one.
    Yes... A good lesson to be learned here.

  2. Hi Roger, I'm glad too that you didn't trashed it, it's a beautiful one!! I like how you painted the eggs, they are pretty cozy inside the nest. The darker orange and burned sienna colors are great, also the aqua blue brush strokes in the background!

  3. 'Your love' was right, this is really great , love the eggs !

  4. You have a great shine on your eggs!


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